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69 Fuck Street

69 Fuck Street

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Filled with rough trade gay porn stars, this hardcore collection from Victor Cody Studios is a must have for those who like raunchy barebacking action. From ass dripping sling fucking to hole stretching double handed fist fucking, these sex pigs have no limits. They think nothing of shoving their hard meat into a cum sloppy gaping asshole to push the last man’s seed deeper. When big cocks meet hungry holes these aggressive tops show no mercy, and their bottom whores wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Hard Nut To Crack

Josh Landau hasn’t cum in way too long and Cole Sexton might be just what he needs to help. The two start by some kissing and fondling and soon both men have their mouth full of one another’s big beautiful cocks. After some 69 to get things started they move onto rimming. Josh spreads Cole’s ass open and slides his tongue in as Cole moans with delight but when Josh slides his cock in Cole’s tight asshole he soon screams with pleasure. After a hot buttfucking Cole then turns the tables and pushes his own cock up Josh’d eager hungry hole. He pounds his cock balls deep until he is thrusting and sweating and all his muscles are flexing. Cole continues to fuck and thrust until he finally lets go of his man juice and floods josh’s gaping asshole with his seed.
Josh Landau just got his ass pounded and bred good but he is hungry for more. Victor Cody steps up to the challenge. Victor begins by getting a big taste of josh’s freshly seeded asshole and a taste of his hard cock. Victor then shoves his cock into Josh’s mouth until it is throbbing and so stiff he can’t refrain from sticking it in Josh’s ass. Victor fucks him one way then another and another. He pounds his cock deep into josh’s ass and continues to plow it deep. Victor then Grabs Josh by the leg and stands up so he can sink his big thick meat as deep as he can. Victor releases a huge white gob of cum before sticking it in to finish. Josh is left without satisfaction so he takes his big matter into his own hand and strokes a load out so massive that even his face is covered in his creamy man juice.

Needy Rosebud

Antonio Molinas has rosebud of an asshole that is begging to be fisted and fucked. Luckily for him Ale Tedesco has a big hand, big cock and plenty of cum. Antonio takes his place in the sling and Ale steps up to open his needy hole up. His fingers then his hand slide in. Ale knows how to open it up and soon is rotating hands going in and out. He continues to work the hole like a true Master as Antonio’s eyes roll back in his head. Ale’s huge uncut cock is next to go in and he buries it as deep as possible as he begins to thrust. He then reaches in and strokes his cock a bit from the inside before pulling out and squirts his river of cum all over Antonio’s huge red rosebud hole before thrusting it back in for the final seed deposit.

Operator Assistance

When a critical emergency call comes in to 69 Fuckstreet the dispatcher tries to remedy the situation over the phone but since the nearest agent is an hour away he realizes the he must act fast and on his own if he is going to save this man from his sexual emergency. When Agent Xes arrives he is met by a worried friend of Jackson Cross who has slipped into a chronic masturbatory state. Agent Xes immediately goes to work and excuses the friend, removes his clothes and pries Jackson’s hand from his cock and begins sucking on it. It takes awhile for Jackson to begin responding. When Cesar hears his moans he knows he is ready for the next step towards recovery and so he mounts up and slides his round ass onto Jackson’s aching, throbbing boner. After some good cock riding Jackson continues to improve to the point he turns Cesar over onto his back and begins thrusting on his own. Jackson plows his savior’s ass until he fucks the cum right out of him followed by a massive release of his own cum. Agent Xes has saved Jackson from his demise and performed his duty like only a trained 69fuckstreet agent can.

911 for Cum

Kirby Kennedy has his hands and ass in a bind. When agents arrive they find that Jack Saint has left Kirby taped and bound with ass up waiting to be fucked and bred. Supervisor Cody arrives on the scene and wastes no time in getting a nice taste of Kirby’s fresh bred hole. After a good tongue inspection Captain Cody slides his rod in and probes Kirby’s hole. Kirby moans in ecstasy as Cody pumps his cock in and out until he busts a torrent of cum allover and into his bound fuckhole. Then agent Sizemore shows up on the fuck scene to investigate Kirby’s hole for himself. He slurps up the cum and slides his huge cock balls deep into his wet warm asshole. Agent Sizemore is so determined he even mounts Kirby’s big dick and takes it for a ride. Kirby finally gets the release he needs and sprays cum like a shower while Joe pounds his ass mercilessly.

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