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A aSs A Pee Urgent need to get piss soaked

A aSs A Pee

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For those who enjoy kinky gay Asian watersports, there’s enough piss in this compilation to fill a bath tub. This collection of five scenes features 10 different smooth Asian boys enjoying golden showers with their hardcore sex. These piss soaked boys suck cock, rim ass and fuck bareback until they pump out warm their cum loads. By the time they are done, each young guy has the taste of fresh urine and cum on his tongue and you have a front row seat for every second of the fetish filled action.


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Vahn Valdez, Josh

Super sexy, super cute Asian twinks Josh and Vahn are getting horny for some piss play in the backyard. They shed their clothes on this perfect day and get into each other’s piss in between cock sucking and fucking. The gay Asian cuties are finding it’s better to get pissed on than pissed off. The two adorable Asian boys are getting nasty horny with their golden showers, so Josh stands Vahn up and makes him assume the position while he braces himself on the tree for a good long bareback fuck.

Argie, Gilbert Carreon

Argie and Gilbert are two cute Asian boys who decide to experiment with piss fetish. They want to feel the warmth of their clothes getting piss soaked before they strip down for some 69 action and bareback gay sex in their urine saturated bed. Then they head into the bathroom for some more golden showers and gay fucking.The Asian gay bareback piss fetish action continues and the chemistry between these two is obvious, and all the piss play is keeping them horny for non-stop gay ass pounding fun. I don’t know how much more piss their bed can soak up! But they are loving it. The two Asian twink cuties fuck until they’re spent, and Argie finish up by wanking out a load for Gilbert to lick up.

Idol, Rave

Asian twink cuties Idol and Rave are brand new to the piss fetish scene. This is their first time with piss play, and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy watching these two cute Asian boys taste each other’s piss for the first time. But it’s obvious they are not first timers with bareback fucking. Watch as they suck, piss, and bareback fuck throughout this delightfully hardcore piss fetish sex video!

Arjo, Jeff

Arjo and Jeff are outside making some backyard landscaping plans when Arjo excuses himself to go take a piss. Jeff reveals that he has a piss fetish and wants his buddy to piss on him. Shocked but interested, Arjo agrees and whips out his big Asian cock and gives Jeff the golden showers he asked for. Jeff is amazed by Arjo’s huge cock and takes it in his mouth to give Arjo a blow job. Our big dick Asian twinks have totally forsaken their backyard landscaping plans for a much more exciting activity. The boys are engaged in an all out gay bareback fucking and pissing fest in their bedroom. Jeff is handling Arjo’s 10 inch cock fairly well with only a few complaints about Arjo ramming his ass so deep. Jeff pisses all over himself while Arjo rams his bareback cock into him. Finally Jeff blows his load to mingle with his urine. Arjo follows with an oozing cum shot soon after.

Alex, Nathan

Nathan found it sexually stimulating (and maybe a little humorous) to explore gay pissing fetish for the first time. His gay sex mate Alex kneels and receives the golden showers with relish, then he reciprocates. The gay bareback watersports piss play action is well underway. Alex grabs a pink dildo to prime Nathan’s deep ass before the lengthy gay bareback sex begins. Alex is seriously getting off as he penetrates Nathan with the dildo. Both boys are full of all those erotic sex sounds and pleasurable moaning. Alex determines it’s now time to replace the dildo with the real thing. Out comes the dildo and Alex plunges into Nathan’s ass with his stiff raw cock. The gay bareback sex is at full speed. The boys occasionally stop to piss on each other, then go right back to ass drilling. The non-stop bareback fucking goes on for a good long time before Alex pops his cock out we see a massive amount of thick jizz come pouring out like a faucet.

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