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African Nights

African Nights

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If you can't get enough of slim young guys with silky smooth ebony skin, this collection of solo and hardcore bareback action scenes is waiting for a place in your library of lust. Shot on location in Africa, this compilation of 9 scenes features hung black guys beating off and fucking raw. Filmed in a part of the world where being gay is strictly forbidden, and comes with stiff penalties, this is a rare look at defiant youth who can't resist the touch of another guy, regardless of the danger it poses.

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Brian and Vic

We look in on black African boyfriends Brian and Vic, who are about to enjoy a bareback romp with each other. As these two slim and smooth ebony twinks make out their clothes slowly strip off. Then Vic takes Brian’s big cock in his mouth, getting him rock hard and ready to fuck his young ass. Brian takes his horny bottom from behind and the boys end up fucking all over that bed, as we enjoy some good close-ups of the anal action. After fucking raw, in as many positions as they can think of, Brian pulls out and covers his bottom’s face with warm black African cum.


Brian is a slim and smooth black African, who we find naked on his bed working up a stiff one. We enjoy a good look at his beautiful ebony butt, before he is on his knees and stroking that big hard cock. On his back, the horny twink heads for the finish line, stroking with determination and edging closer to climax. A little fingering helps get him to the place he wants to be and soon his fingers are dripping with warm cum.

Eugune and Emmanuel

We join bi-curious black African twinks Eugune and Emmanuel already fooling around with each other on the sofa. The shirts peel off, as the two make out and soon Eugune has his lips wrapped around Emmanuel’s big dick. By the time they are naked, Emmanuel is rock hard and ready to fuck skinny little Eugune. With legs in the air, Eugune takes that raw cock in several positions, pausing occasionally to get a taste of his own ass juices, as he sucks on Emmanuel’s cock. Then the boys flip and its Eugune’s turn to try fucking a boys hole. The barebacking flip fuck continues until both are ready to kick back on the sofa and stroke out their cum loads.


Black African twink Eugune is stretched out on the sofa thinking about how horny he is. So, he starts some porn playing on his computer and in no time the boy is naked and sporting a big boner. The skinny and smooth young man takes that monster in hand and begins stroking it. A long jerk off follows, as he edges himself toward climax. Finally, the cute boy can no longer hold back the inevitable and he’s soon smearing around the cum that landed on his leg.

Jackson and Brian

We look in on black African twinks Jackson and Brian, naked under the sheets and in each other’s arms. The slim and smooth boys roll around, as they kiss and touch each and it isn’t long before Jackson has his lips wrapped around Brian’s big stiff cock. An oral exchange follows, until Jackson decides to take Brian’s black ass from behind. Brian takes that raw cock in a variety of positions as the horny couple bareback fuck all over the bed. In the end, Jackson lies on his back, stroking his cock, while Brian stands over him and splatters his naked body with his warm cum.


Jackson is relaxing in his room when the urge to jerk off strikes him, and in no time the young black African is stripped naked and working on a stiff one. Watching a porn video, for added stimulation, it’s not long before he’s rock hard and a long stroke show follows. Taking himself to the edge a few times, Jackson keeps up the momentum until there is no turning back and his cum starts splattering legs, sofa and floor.


In his bedroom, black twink Jordan decides he needs a release and soon he’s pulled off the shirt and pushed his pants down. He goes right to work on getting himself stiff and eventually he’s lying naked in bed with a boner in his hand. The horny young African strokes that cock, as his eyes roll back in his head, and it’s obvious he’s getting close to releasing the seed. His dedicated efforts eventually pay off and warm cum spurts out onto his pubes.

Rick and Jordan

Young Black Africans Rick and Jordan are in bed together exploring their interest in having sex with another guy. With their shirts off, Jordan reaches into Rick’s pants and grabs his stiff dick to suck on. Soon Rick is completely naked, as Jordan continues giving the boy head. Eventually Jordan gets naked and a brief oral exchange follows, before he gives up his black ass for Rick to bareback. Rick takes his ebony friend from behind, and they end up fucking all over that bed. We are treated to some great close-ups of the ass lip rolling anal action, as these curious twinks enjoy their raw romp. Finally, both slim and smooth boys lie side-by-side and stroke out their cum loads.


It’s a lazy afternoon and Rick is on his bed thinking about having sex with another African boy. Soon, he reaches in his pants and pulls out a big stiff dick and strokes it a little before stripping naked. The buff ebony boy gives his nipples a little attention, while the other hand stays busy with his throbbing cock. He works that meat for quite a long time until finally reaching climax and cums all over himself.

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