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After School Special

After School Special

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While these young Latin guys spend a lot of time with their heads in the books, all work and no play makes for a very dull day. So, it's no surprise they're easily distracted by a skinny and smooth boy looking for a sweaty bareback romp. These adorable freshmen are quick to put their studies aside, strip each other naked, and fuck raw until the cum gushes. Make this special collection of hardcore scenes the next addition to your library of youthful lust and enjoy all the after school action it has to offer.

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Allen and Drake

Allen and Drake are a couple of cute Latin twinks, who can’t resist fooling around in the kitchen. In no time uncut cocks are out and a stimulating oral exchange follows. Then some ass licking opens the anal door and these two skinny boys are soon barebacking at the kitchen sink. The action moves to the floor, as bottom boy takes a raw ride on his buddy’s big stiff dick. The boys finish their culinary inspired raw romp with some ass-to-mouth and a face full of cum.

Etienne and Jacques

Bottom boy wants to get fucked and a well-placed hand soon has his top awake and ready to play. As Etienne and Jacques role around on the bed kissing, their clothes strip off and big uncut cocks get sucked hard. After a long oral exchange, cock sucking turns to barebacking and the two slim and smooth Latin boys fuck all over that bed. They finally end up with bottom boy getting fucked on his belly, before the top pulls out, flips him over and dumps a cum gushing load all over his face.

Evan and Kaleb

Twinks Evan and Kaleb are hanging out in the kitchen and it soon becomes obvious they have no interest in cooking. Small talk turns to kissing, as the horny boys strip out of their clothes. With big uncut cocks exposed, the boys stroke each other’s dick and a hot oral exchange quickly follows. Orally pleased, the skinny and smooth Latin couple abruptly transition to anal, and fuck bareback by the refrigerator. Eventually, the two move to the floor, where we enjoy some good ass lip rolling close-ups, before bottom boy gets his hole filled with cum.

Neils and Isaac

Slicing tomatoes isn’t nearly as exciting as getting fucked in the kitchen, a fact twinks Neils and Isaac are about to demonstrate. Approached from behind, bottom boy quickly abandons his culinary task for the arms of his young Latin lover. Kisses follow, as clothes are stripped off and soon bottom boy is on his knees with a big uncut dick in his mouth. After both have enjoyed the taste of each other’s uncut dick, the boned up top takes his skinny and smooth bottom from behind and bareback fucks his ass. Then the boys move to a chair and we enjoy some good close-ups of the anal action, as bottom boy takes a raw ride on his buddy’s big dick. Finally, bottom boy sits on the floor to receive a face full of cum from his man.

Santiago and Mirko

Dressed in their school uniforms, these horny college boys are doing their best to concentrate on their studies. But text books can’t compete with raging hormones and soon young Santiago and Mirko are going for the cock. Bottom boy gets his lips wrapped around the top’s big uncut dick and soon has him rock hard and ready to fuck. Bent over the sofa, the skinny and smooth bottom gets his bubble butt fucked from behind and the look on his face is priceless. The Latin twinks bareback fuck in several positions, as we enjoy some great ass lip rolling close-ups along the way. Finally, top pulls out for an ass-to-mouth blowjob that ends with a face full of cum.

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