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All American Twinks

All American Twinks

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It’s the hottest mix and match ever, as 4 sexy young guys pair up with each other in 5 different duo scenes. Hayden has Jay, Lucas and Robbie, while Robbie also hooks up with Jay and Lucas. Don’t spend a lot of time trying to sort that out in your head, as it will all become obvious when you watch these 4 twinks suck and fuck the cum out of each other. This is all American gay sex at its best and a must have for any collector of twink porn. Make sure you grab this scorching hot DVD for your library today!

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Hayden & Jay

Description: Cute-boy Jay and sexy Hayden are discussing dick sucking, and that’s all it takes to convince them to experiment on each other. Shirts come off, jeans come off and soon Jay has his cute lips wrapped around Hayden’s delicious cock. Jay’s really good at this and Hayden’s getting extremely close to busting his load, so he goes down on Jay’s sweet twink cock and pleasures him for awhile. Before too long it’s time to finish off and both guys blow their creamy loads side by side.

Hayden & Lucas

Description: Hayden welcomes his date, Lucas, over to the house while his parents are at work. But these two boys are super horny and in a hurry to release some sexual tension, so they run right to Hayden’s bedroom where Hayden wastes no time slobbering all over Lucas’ nine-inch cock, first standing up followed by on the bed. Then the always aggressive Hayden face-fucks his cute latino friend for all he’s worth. They boys are really turned on now, and Hayden isn’t going to be satisfied with less than that nine-incher up his hole. Lucas fucks him so hard and deep that Hayden’s moaning and begging for more, finally cumming on his ripped abs while Lucas releases his juicy hot mess alongside him.

Hayden & Robbie

Description: If you thought Robbie was aggressive (and he is), sexy Hayden’s even more take-charge aggressive when he’s found a mouth he can fuck. The boys start out talking and laughing but Hayden is set on tasting bad-boy Robbie’s hard dick and Robbie is happy to oblige. Then it’s Hayden’s turn to fuck some face. He power-feeds his buddy’s cute face, only stopping to let Robby gag and choke, which excites Hayden even more. Soon he’s blowing a massive cumload on Robbie’s face, so much that Robbie’s too spent to blow his own.

Jay & Robbie

Description: Jay and Robbie are two friends with some great benefits. They really like each other and love to make out with one another, and the passion between them is evident. While they’re still in bed, Robbie starts the fun going by hungrily slurping down his buddy’s cock. Then Robbie stands at the foot of the bed and feeds his nice dick to Jay’s willing mouth. After some intense fucking on the bed, Jay gets up and bends over the window ledge while bad-boy Robbie pounds his twink hole with all the energy he’s got, finally pulling out and erupting all over Jay’s cute face. Then it’s Jay’s turn to bust a nut and both boys get to relax.

Lucas & Robbie

Descriptions: When Lucas shows up on a blind date, Robbie’s so turned on by him that he wants to drop right to his knees to suck on Lucas’ nine inch long uncut dick. The two boys can’t wait to get more comfortable, so they move to the sofa where they take turns swallowing each other’s hard rods. But what bad-boy Robbie really wants is to plow his young friend’s ass, and so he does. Lucas rides it and takes it doggy style and both boys erupt in gushers of hot creamy cum.

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