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Anal Fixation

Anal Fixation

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Enter the world of Dr Twink, where kinky Asian physicians specialize in raw anal therapies that are sure to cure whatever ails their silky smooth young patients. The exam room table is an ideal platform for these perverted doctors to administer milk enemas, anal probing and oral stimulation. Cock sucking and bareback fucking only serve to complement the medical fetish theme of all 5 hardcore scenes, featuring 10 hot young Asians with a rectal itch that needs scratching.

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Argie, Nathan

Asian twink Nathan is not feeling at all well, so he’s at Doctor Twink’s clinic for a sex up….I mean check up. Naturally our perverted Doctor Argie turns things into a kinky anal exam, which is more like anal probing, starting with the thermometer. Doctor Argie then must go for something bigger, like a dildo. And just for the sake of gay sex, he fucks his patient’s face to check his gag reflex. As if Doctor Argie hasn’t had enough of poking things into his patient’s holes, the face fucking wasn’t enough for him, nor was the enema, Doctor Argie delivers more invasive hole probing, this time with his hard bareback cock. But I don’t think the cute Asian twink patient is minding too much, rather enjoying being the kinky Doctor’s play toy.

Vahn Valdez, Noah

Doctor Twink usually gives it a little time before he starts getting all perverted and horny on his gay Asian twink patients, But Noah seems mesmerized by the cute Doctor Twink, and immediately plants a kiss while he’s checking his heart. The patient is putty in Doctor Vahn’s hands. And all kinds of anal penetration takes place from this point forward. Asian gay boys like Noah usually end up on the receiving end of the horny doctor’s prick. But today is different. For some strange reason Dr. Vahn spreads his legs and gets a solid bareback fucking from his tall Asian gay patient.

Simon, Russel

Hot horny Doctor Simon begins his kinky medical exam on his cute new Asian twink patient Russel. The Asian gay boy is all smiles around this hot sexy doctor and can’t wait to become the subject of his kinky ass play. Doctor Simon instructs the cute Asian boy to strip down naked and lay on the exam table. Soon the perverted doctor is performing oral sex on his cute patient. But now it’s time for the anal exam, which the doctor loves. After limbering up his ass with anal probing with his finger, it’s time for the milk enema. When the patient can’t expel the milk, Doctor Simon employs the aid of a huge rubber dildo help the milk squirting happen. Doctor Simon has thoroughly dildo fucked cute Asian twink Russel, and managed to get a good portion of the milk from his anus to squirt out. Things got a little messy, but after clean up, the horny Doctor Simon wants to tease and titillate his cute Asian twink’s smooth anus. So he grabs the thermometer and begins to slide it around the sensitive anus, making Russel squirm and giggle. As he pokes the rectal thermometer in and out and around his pucker, the cute Asian twink is getting horny, along with the hot doctor. Russel starts kissing his doctor and stripping off his clothes. He takes his doctor’s cock in his mouth, and blow jobs him for a while before turning and offering up his ass for a doctor twink bareback fuck session.

Argie, CJ

Doctor Argie is making his rounds in the gay Asian twink hospital to check on his in-patients. A handsome and sexy Asian twink named CJ is Doctor Argie’s first visit, and he walks in the patient’s room to find CJ pitching a tent under the sheet with his boner. Amused, Argie finds himself horny and has decided to administer more anal treatments. But when Doctor Argie starts probing CJ’s ass with the rectal thermometer, the patient becomes very squirmy and uncooperative. The horny doctor scolds his kinky patient and decides a dildo fuck is in order to satisfy his urge for something bigger probing his ass. After a hearty and horny dildo ass probing, Doctor Argie’s gay Asian twink patient wants the real thing. “Doctor, I need you to fuck me for real” says the horny Asian boy as he begins to undress his hot doctor. Of course Argie is already boned up and ready to bareback fuck this kinky Asian twink. The only prescription this boy needs is gay sex. The doctor and patient are now naked and having oral sex in the 69 position on the hospital bed. Then CJ gets up and takes a seat on his horny doctor’s boner. The doctor-patient relationship just went to an extreme level. Gay bareback fucking goes on until the two are exhausted. Doctor Argie explodes into orgasm, shooting his jizz all over his patient, and seconds later, CJ slathers a load of cum all over his sexy chest and abs.

Simon, Marcon

Kinky and painful anal exams are Doctor Twink’s specialize field of practice. Cute Asian twinks come from all over Asia to experience his twisted medical treatments. Once the word got out that a hot sexy gay Asian doctor was on duty, they suddenly come down with some ailment that brings them to the horny gay Asian doctor. Today it’s Marcon, a cute Asian gay boy who hasn’t been bareback fucked in a long time. He’s got an itch and Doctor Simon is just the one to scratch it. The doctor starts off with the typical diagnostics, but as soon as he gets a peak at his cute patient’s cock, he prescribes an emergency blow job. Marcon moans as the kinky doctor sucks cock. Then he needs to examine his ass. Doctor Simon puts on his latex gloves and fingers his patient’s ass. Marcon asks for more, and deeper. Next comes the milk enema. Of course the cute gay Asian twink can’t expel the milk on his own. But the horny doctor usually relies on the dildo effect. Doctor Simon starts dildo fucking the young Asian twink and before long, out squirts the milk. At this point, Marcon is so horny he lunges at the doctor in horny passion and starts stripping off his clothes. A well deserved blow job for Doctor Simon ensues. The gay Asian patient, after having been thoroughly dildo fucked continues the blow job on his kinky doctor. Then he looks up and says, “Fuck me doctor!” Far be it for this gay sex craved doctor to refuse such a request. With his cock all boned up and fully erect, the horny gay Asian doctor lays on the exam table while Marcon mounts his big dick for a bareback ride. But Marcon isn’t going to let him off that easily. Now he wants the hot doctor to drive. They change position as the horned up doctor bends his gay Asian patient over the exam table and fucks him fast and hard. “Oh yeah! Fuck me more doctor!” exclaims the horny Asian boy. This twink loves a bareback ass pounding. The doctor and patient continue their gay bareback sex in the medical exam room for a good long time until the worn out doctor explodes his cum all over the exhausted Asian boy’s back.

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