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Bare Black

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With a hunger for big black cocks and bareback sex, Dubaku, Jabari, Nadir, Rayshon, Lamont, Kalem, Sage, Amare, and Gabriel get naked and bare it all in this combination of 4 bareback fucking and 4 solo scenes. This DVD should keep you busy all day long!

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Dubaku comes into his hotel room hot and sweaty after a full day of sightseeing in Africa. This hot African black boy heads into the bathroom to freshen up. And after all the sightseeing of other hot African boys, he finds himself horny, and he’s sporting a boner in his pants. After a cold shower take a seat and decides he’s going to have a wank. He lubes up his big black cock and starts jerking off.

Jabari And Nadir

There comes a time in the late afternoon when gay black stud Jabari likes to relax and catch up on the news. He’s thinking about his prissy gay African twink boyfriend with the hot fuckable ass and finds the space between his legs getting very cramped. He calls Nadir into the room. Nadir knows exactly what he wants. He snatches the newspaper from Jabari’s grasp and the two horny black boys start kissing and rolling around on the bed. Nadir strips naked then disrobes his partner. Pulling is briefs off, out pops Jabari’s enormous black cock. Nadir can barely get that beast halfway in his mouth. But he sucks and slurps on the monster cock for a good long time. He wants it nice and hard for bareback fucking. Nadir mounts his African stud’s cock and it’s bareback fucking from that point on.


This cute black African twink wakes up with a woody. Rayshon fires up his laptop and puts on some gay porn so he can relieve himself by jerking off. He lubes up his big black cock and gets a firm grip on it and starts masturbating. He never lets go until he’s worked himself into a cum eruption.

Dubaku And Lamont

Dubaku and Lamont are spending the weekend together at Lamont’s place. Both gay African black boys are cleaning up from a romantic dinner. So the mood is set for some hot gay bareback sex. Anxious to get the party started, Dubaku starts kissing his shirtless African stud and playing with his nipples. Too horny to take to the bedroom, the two boys begin a hot kitchen sex fantasy right where they stand.


This sexy African black stud can’t keep his dirty mind off of gay sex. Unfortunately, he’s alone and trying to get an employment application filled out. But the horny gay thoughts keep running through his imagination, so it’s time to take a jerk off break. He steps inside and starts working on his big black cock until he shoots his jizz.

Sage And Nadir

Sage loves the girly African boys and Nadir is all that and more. Nadir makes sure to suck his cock real well before he gets bareback fucked to oblivion.Sage maintains a raging boner throughout this incredible bareback fucking scene. The ass pillaging Nadir gets leaves both African twinks panting and breathless after both twinks stroke out their cum.


This flaming gay African twink is a sex worker for a living. Nadir strips naked and begins fingering his smooth black ass, and is obviously enjoying the anal masturbation. This black African gay boy rolls around on the bed with his finger up his ass, wiggles his ass for the camera, then lays down for a cum oozing orgasm with a little help from the camera man.

Amare And Gabriel

Black and barely legal African twinks Amare and Gabriel are both slim young Nirobi gay boys who manage to sneak away to a resort together. Amare love sucking black cock, especially on a cutie like Gabriel. The two horny boys spend some time enjoying oral sex. Then when it comes to bareback fucking, the room heats up for one of the longest raw fucking sessions we’ve ever filmed. These African gay boys love to fuck!

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