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Bare Confessions

Bare Confessions

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Father Victor is the Head Master of an all male Catholic junior college. These are his confessions, which describe the impromptu sexual encounters he’s experienced with some of the horny young guys under his supervision. Whether it’s the good Father taking advantage of a situation, or a boy putting the moves on him, it always ends up with Victor’s hard cock up a young man’s ass. His preference is to fuck the boys doggie and he doesn’t bother using a condom. As a result, there are plenty of smooth young guys walking around campus with a smile on their face and the taste of Father Victor’s cum on their lips.

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Father Victor & Oscar Hart

Once again Oscar Hart has been called to the headmasters office, and once again Oscar is in trouble. This time Father Victor has had enough and intends to give young Oscar a good spanking, but Oscar has no intention of letting that happen and use’s his teenage charm to convince the good father otherwise. “Bareback me Daddy” he says to Victor with his cute round arse enticing the older man. First he seduces him with a tender kiss which then leads onto him sucking the good Fathers large cock. Victor then returns the favour after which he bends Oscar over and rims his tight hole. While Oscar is still in the doggie position, Victor gets his hard cock and starts to fuck Oscar nice and deep. After which Victor flips Oscar over onto his back over the spanking stand and again drills Oscar nice and deep. By this time both guys are so horny that they both want more, Victor sits on his desk and Oscar hops onto his throbbing cock for one last time, riding it like the good Catholic boy he is, before finally spurting his hot load all over the Fathers desk. Victor then finishes himself off spurting a load of jizz into Oscars mouth.

Father Victor, Ariel Varga & Tim Law

Its lights out in the dorm and Ariel Varga and Tim Law should be fast asleep but instead these bad boys are up wanking over their porn mags. Unbeknowing to the two young lads, Father Victor is outside the door watching both of them, and getting slowly aroused watching them wanking off their hard cocks. He walks into the dorm, switches on the lights and catches the scoundrels in the act. The two lads are so scared that they will do anything he says and now the Father is horny he wants to see some real action. Firstly he makes them suck each other off, then after he lubes up Tims tight hole. Then the real action begins for Victor as he makes Ariel fuck Tims hole while he watches and wanks. Not wanting to be left out of the action, the good Father then precedes to firstly fuck young Tim in his favourite doggie position, then after getting Ariel to ride his now very throbbing cock. Finally Victor decides its time to cum and shoots his load while the young pups watch. Victor then bids them goodnight and leaves the still horny boys to finish themselves off.

Father Victor & Yuri Adamov

Its gym time for Yuri Adamov and its the day of his big gym test. First up is the horse and Yuri is failing miserabley at it. Father Victor is getting annoyed so shows Yuri just how to mount the horse. Yuri tries again but knows he will fail so decides to try another technique, seducing the his gym teacher. Father Victor likes what he see’s and soon he forgets all about Yuri’s gym test and is instead playing with Yuris cute arse which leads to some very passionate kissing. Yuri then sucks the Fathers now very hard cock, and licks his nipples. Not being able to contain himself Father Victor bends Yuri over and rims his very willing hole, before turning Yuri onto his and fucking him nice and hard over the gym horse. Position 1 completed and a 10/10 score achieved, the guys now go into position 2, riding the cock. Father Victor mounts the gym horse, and a willing Yuri mounts his hard cock and rides it to perfection. Another 10/10 score achieved so its time for the good Fathers favourite doggie position. Father Victor fucks Yuri really hard until Yuri can’t contain himself anymore and cums all over the gym floor. Victor pulls out and finishes himself off cumming over Yuris gaping hole.

Father Victor & Will Sims

Its detention time in the classroom and young Will Sims is bored and very horny. Will likes older guys and has always had the hots for Father Victor so he decides to see if he can convince the father to play with him by getting out his cock and have a sneaky place at his desk. The father soon spots Wills hard cock and needs no invitation to go and have a play with it. The two end up kissing passionately before Victor bends Will over and rims his hairy hole. Not being able to contain his horniness Father Victor then lies Will on his desk and fucks his arse, making Wills toes curl in the process. Next Victor lies on his desk, and lets Will slide on this long cock, fucking him nice and deep while watching the pleasure on Wills face. Last up Victor puts Wills leg up onto the desk and fucks Will again enjoying the cute lads arse as much as he can. Finally Will gets onto his knees and sucks the fathers cock for one last time, and Victors cock errupts with a flood of jizz into Wills willing mouth. Will then finishes himself off making a mess all over the classroom floor.

Father Victor & Jesse Jenkins

Jesse is in need of some advice so arranges to meet Father Victor in the path, however Jesse has alternative motives in his mind and when he spots the church he suggest that the two go in. Victor then sits down with his cup of tea unaware of Jesses real motives for going back but soon discovers the truth when Jesse leaps onto his lap and starts to undress him. Father Victor protests but young Jesse is having none of it and soon the two are kissing passionately. Victor gives into temptation and soon has Jesse naked and his cock in his mouth. Jesse returns the favour sucking the father nice and deep. Jesse then jumps onto Victors hard cock and rides it raw enjoying every inch up his tight arse. Victor then bends Jesse over the arm of his armchair and pummels his tight arse giving the young pup everything hes always dreamed of. Lastly Victor flips Jesse onto this back and fucks him hard and deep until Jesse comes over his abs, and then Victor finishes himself off coming over Jesses now very open hole.

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