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Bare Pornfessionals

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If you’re into cute Asian twinks being kinky playing doctor, your medical fetish desires will be satisfied with this naughty medical exam collection. Kinky gay Asian doctors have their way with their horny young patients in 5 hardcore bareback fucking scenes in the doctor’s clinic.

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Vahn Valdez, Mike Reynolds, Rave

Cute young Asian twink Rave has come to Doctor Twink complaining about an anal itch. He’s certainly come to the right clinic. The pair of doctors pay close attention to a full examination and therapy session for Rave’s smooth anus. Doctor Twink feels a good ass rimming will start things off well. Then his young apprentice takes over with some electro-cock therapy after a cleansing milk enema. Final measures are prescribed with a hard long bareback fuck to scratch that anal itch away.

Vahn Valdez, Jeff

Our cute and horny Doctor Vahn greets his new Asian boy patient who is complaining of stomach pain. But the cute Asian boy seems to have a twinkle in his eye for his cute and sexy young doctor. After doing some basic medical examination, he notices the bulge in his cute twink patient’s shorts. Then suddenly, Jeff says, “Doctor, you’re so cute”. The horny Asian twink then lunges at the doctor and starts kissing him. Things progress and Doctor Vahn begins his anal probing and things begin getting very kinky. After our Doctor gives his cute Asian boy patient an excessive and kinky anal probing medical examination, Jeff is completely turned on by this cute doctor. While the doctor is checking his heartbeat, our sexually aroused patient begins to unbutton the doctor’s lab coat, then his pants. The doctor is already sporting a huge boner, so Jeff lays down and lets the horny doctor face fuck him. The horny Asian boy looks up and commands, “Fuck me doctor!” Well we all know what happens next. The horny medical specialist is happy to fuck this cute Asian twink bareback on the exam table. And that he does! Jeff blows his load, and soon thereafter does the doctor squirt his cum all over his thoroughly fucked patient’s torso.

Argie, Jacob

Doctor Argie brings a very hot gay Asian boy into the medical exam room and he can’t wait to get his hands and mouth on this muscular Asian boy. This horny bareback gay sex scene will thrill you beyond your dreams. The horny gay Asian bottom boy is Jacob Bantay, and he loves to be fucked. And the kinky doctor is more than willing to drill this hottie. But first things first. The horny doctor wants to have some anal penetration play with his cute hot gay Asian twink. Doctor Argie performs the usual rectal exam and enema, then helps the hot gay Asian boy expel the milk from his ass with some dildo action. Finally the gay bareback fucking begins and the Doctor makes sure to give this hot Asian boy all the ass pounding he wants!

Argie, Simon

Doctor Argie welcomes a hot fresh graduate practitioner into the Doctor Twink Clinic. Dr. Argie is briefing Dr. Simon on some of his Asian twink patient’s cases, and asks sexy cute Dr. Simon if he has experience in anal penetration. The two horny gay Asian doctors seem to be distracted by each other’s good looks. A few personal compliments and soon the two medical professionals are kissing and stripping off each other’s clothes. I guess Doctor Argie is about to find out how well his hot new doctor can perform. Next thing you know, Doctor Simon is fingering his boss’ ass and sucking his cock on the desk. Argie wants to see how well Dr. Simon handles a dildo. Then it moves right into bareback fucking on the desk. Dr. Simon is busy showing off his gay Asian bareback skills to his new boss Doctor Argie. Things got horny earlier when the two horny medical professionals started slinging compliments at each other about how hot they were. Now Doctor Simon has his new head doctor naked on the desk, and he’s pounding his ass bareback. Argie is impressed with his new intern’s gay bareback fucking abilities, and is certain he wants this hot sexy new intern around for a good long time. The two gay Asian doctors fuck like mad on the desk and chair until both blow their cum all over each other.

Simon, Nishi

Our brand new hot and sexy gay Asian Doctor Simon, fresh graduated from the Gay Twink University of Asia, treats his first patient in the Doctor Twink exam room. Although Doctor Simon is inexperienced, his horny drive for anal penetration should bring him up to speed on treating these cute Asian boys on the patient list. Cute Asian boy Nishi is visiting today for his annual anal treatments. A finger or two up the ass, and a milk enema should do the cute Asian twink some good. But the poor little Asian twink can’t expel the milk from his colon. So Doctor Simon goes for the dildo extraction method, which often does the trick. Sure enough, a few plunges in and out of the horny Asian boy’s ass with the dildo, and he’s squirting milk like a milked cow. Now that Doctor Simon has succeeded in getting his cute Asian twink patient to expel some of the milk from his anus, he’s getting horny, and so is his patient. As the horny gay doctor makes some final reflex testing and checking vital signs, his aroused and horny patient lunges at him and starts kissing and disrobing his hot doctor. The patient has reacted exactly as intended. The horny doctor gets naked and soon the two Asian twinks are fucking bareback on the exam table. Nishi shoots his cum while Doctor Simon is bareback fucking him. Then to finish things off, Doctor Simon wanks out his load on Nishi’s cute Asian boy face.

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