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Jambo! Welcome to the dark heart of Africa where black gay boys have sex in Black Gold: Make Every Drop Count. For many an unspeakable sin, I am lucky and don’t believe in sin or witchcraft. If boys want to have a horny party with other African boys, I am fine with that.

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Gay African Piss Fest

These two African gay twinks love a kinky party and when they get together the clothes come off very quickly. The first order of the day is to kiss and cuddle but soon the couple move on to more serious matters. Afpha has a bladder that is full to bursting and when he finally has the chance to piss, it is like a fire-hose of urine explodes in Saka’s mouth. The kinky twink drinks all the piss from his friend, and then he is ready to get barebacked. A hot black cock fuck session follows, with more watersports in between.

Three Black Twinks Cum And Piss

When Andrew and Rony give their travel weary tribe mate a sensual oil massage, the horny boys grab the opportunity for an impromptu threesome. Three gorgeous black boys, with their hugs black cocks make sure of a scene you want easily forget. It is real amateur gay black African bareback porn unlike what you see in productions from the US. Anyways, the boys are close to their climax, but before they can cum they have to piss. And quite a lot too! So the twinks get soaking wet and mix the piss with their sperm to create an original African cocktail!

The delicious cock sucking makes the lads want to piss again, and Rony covers the youths in a sea of urine. Jay licks the drops of piss from their soaked bodies, and then soaks them again with his own piss. When he smells and feels the warm urine on his smooth body, Andrew becomes rampant, and he pins Jay to the floor, thrusting his cock into his tight hole. Rony watches the raw pounding, and jerks himself off, his jizz dribbling down the crack of Andrew’s thrusting ass, rubbing it into the grinding butt with his sticky cock. The smell of spunk makes Andrew want to cum, and he jerks his cock, spilling his jizz onto Rony’s slender legs. The lads aren’t worried about Jay, and finish by pissing all the cum from their glistening black bodies.

Raw Tribal Bareback

Mark is just an ordinary member of his tribe, whereas Steve is a tribal Prince.The pair of black African warriors love to fuck and suck, although they have to keep their gay bareback pleasures secret from the rest of the tribe. Mark does as his Prince asks, and sucks his cock. Steve has a massive, long, thick black cock, and Mark can only suck the end. Steve’s cock end is sensitive, and he swells and hardens, and wants to bury his spear in Mark’s dark hole. The wall’s of Mark’s ass are stretched wide by the monster black dick that is driven deep inside him. He gasps loudly, and can’t wait to feel jizz all over his smooth black skin.

Shoot their Load

Chris gasps as Marvin fucks him, buts cries out for more as his ass is stretched wide. While Marvin pummels his hole, Chris strokes his own cock up and down, the shaft like a black iron bar in his hand. The twinks can feel their jizz rising in their huge black dicks, and squat next to each other, as they jerk themselves off. Their hands move fast along their dicks, as they both want to feel their cocks explode with cum. Marvin shoots first, his cum over their smooth bodies. The smell of spunk makes Chris squirt his jizz, and he mixes it with Marvin’s juices on their glistening skin. The lads squeeze the last delicious drops from their sticky cocks.

Black Boys With Lots Of Cum

Max, Martin and Marvin fuck each other bareback, then jerk off together. Three beautiful black boys doing their thing and it all culminates with some great cumshots and a lot of sticky sperm.

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