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Cocked & Loaded

Cocked & Loaded

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This collection is all about mature men enjoying the company of silky smooth Latin twinks, who prefer having bareback sex with daddies. While most boys take raw cock up their skinny little butt, in one scene daddy assumes the position and gets his fat ass pounded by a young man in his sexual prime. Regardless, daddy always gets what he wants from his youthful barebacking companion, who is happy to please the older man. By the time these couples are done each boy is guaranteed to have the taste of daddy cum on his tongue, so be sure to add Cocked & Loaded to your library and enjoy all the hardcore dad and son action it has to offer.

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Horatio and Damian

We look in on daddy Horatio playing with his boy, who is wearing only a t-shirt and jock. It isn’t long before Horatio is getting his big dick sucked by Damian, and by the time he’s naked, daddy has a finger up the boy’s ass. After a long oral session, Damian takes a raw ride on his daddy’s big dick, still wearing the jock. Then Horatio takes control and fucks the boy in several positions. Damian ends up legs in the air and stroking out his cum load, while Horatio continues to bareback fuck him. Then daddy pulls out and strokes his load into the Latin boy’s mouth.

Jacob and Ferdinan

We look in on daddy Ferdinan already playing with his Latin twink Jacob. After a little cock play, daddy takes his naked boy from behind and barebacks him. Then the young man sucks on his own ass juices, as he gives Ferdinan head. He then sits on that cock and takes a raw ride, before backing his hot bubble butt onto a dildo. In a chair, the boy enjoys another round with the sex toy, as his daddy pumps his ass full of the plastic cock. Ready to cum, Jacob strokes his load out onto the lips of his hairy and mature top and the two share it in a sticky kiss.

Ruben and Jorge

Young Jorge is busy with his studies when daddy Ruben walks in and suggests he take a break from the books and give some attention to his big uncut Latin cock. In seconds the young man is sucking Ruben’s dick, as the two work their way out of their clothes. Ruben starts fingering the boy’s fine looking little ass, letting him know it will soon be filed with his big dick. With Jorge bent over the table, Ruben bareback fucks him from behind, as we enjoy some close-ups of the ass lip rolling anal action. After giving the young man every inch of his stiff dick, Ruben sits in a chair and has the adorable bottom take a raw ride on it. Jorge cums all over his daddy’s hairy belly and chest and then positions himself to receive a face full from the mature man. Ruben pumps out a load all over the boy’s lips and then lets Jorge suck his cock dry.

Simon and Leandro

Mature and hairy Leandro is in the kitchen making coffee, when young Simon returns from classes. A welcome kiss quickly gets things heated up and soon daddy has the boy’s cock out and in his mouth. By the time both are naked, Leandro is bent over the kitchen counter taking the boy’s big uncut cock up his ass. Simon bareback fucks the mature Latino, until he’s ready to release his seed. Daddy gets on his knees and patiently waits for his twink top to pump a warm cum load onto his bearded face. Then Leandro sucks the boy’s cock dry, while getting a taste of his own ass juice.

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