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Cum Rush

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Skinny and smooth Latin twinks is the theme of this hardcore collection. These big dick boys have the youthful stamina to fuck for hours and enough cum to deliver a gushing conclusion. While the big cock sucking and skinny ass fucking action is hot, the cum shots that follow are what gives this collection its title. These adorable young studs are walking jizz fountains! There’s enough action to keep any Latin twink fan on the edge of his seat, with one hand busy. Make Cum Rush the next addition to your library of lust.

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Adrian and Guilles

We look in on Adrian, already naked and wanting to play with his Latin friend Guilles, who is sound asleep on the bed. Wakened by the horny boy, Guilles is soon going down on Adrian’s big uncut cock. Once his dick is nice and stiff, Adrian slides in from behind and fucks Guilles doggie. We enjoy some good close-ups as the slim and smooth Latin boys fuck all over that bed. Then, with Guilles on his back, Adrian strokes out a gusher onto his face and chest. Finally, the two kiss, while Guilles beats off and cums all over his smooth belly.

Anibal, Ewin and Francoise

Young Latinos Ewin and Francoise walk in on their friend Anibal, who is sleeping in his underwear. The two want to play with him and soon he’s wakened by their advances. A group kiss has everyone stripping naked and going down on each other’s big uncut dick. A long threesome oral exchange has the young trio sporting boners and ready for more. Francoise takes it up the ass, as Ewin slides in from behind. Then he gets spit roasted again, with Anibal in the driver’s seat. Finally, Ewin fucks the cum out of Francoise, before kicking back to take a wad from Anibal, as Francoise strokes out a second load.

Gael and Mark

Latin twinks Gael and Mark are doing their school studies together when Gael decides he’d rather fuck than do homework. A kiss gets things started and soon he has Mark’s uncut cock in his mouth. In no time the skinny and smooth boys are naked and sucking each other in a sexy 69. Then, with legs in the air, Gael pushes his big hard cock in and starts fucking his willing bottom. The two fuck in a few positions, before Gael pulls out and strokes out a load on Mark’s fine looking little butt. Then Mark kicks back and starts stroking his big dick, eventually releasing a cum gusher all over his top’s smooth chest.

Joaquin and Ryan

Latin twinks Joaquin and Ryan are hanging out in the bedroom when the horny boys decide to play with each other. It isn’t long before Joaquin has a mouth full of hard uncut cock. An oral exchange follows, before the two slim and smooth boys find themselves sucking each other’s dick in a 69. Rock hard and ready to fuck, Joaquin pushes in from behind and fucks his buddy, for a short time. Then he hops on Ryan’s stiff dick and takes it for a ride. In one more round of fucking, Ryan takes that fine looking little ass from behind and doggie fucks Joaquin, before pulling out and blowing his load all over the boy’s back. Finally, Joaquin unloads on Ryan’s face and we leave the two with fresh cum dripping off his chin.

Elias and Mariano

We look in on Latin twinks Elias and Mariano, who are on the sofa looking at a newspaper. A well-placed hand signals an interest in something other than current events and soon the boys are kissing and stripping off their clothes. Mariano goes down on Elias and an oral exchange follows. With both uncut cocks rock hard, Elias slides his cock in and the boys end up fucking in several positions. Covered in sweat, the two site side-by-side and jack off. Mariano cums on himself first and then Elias leans over to add his seed, leaving Mariano with a cum soaked happy trial.

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