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Cum Sail Away

Cum Sail Away

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Another hot and steamy day in Louisiana so Victor decides to treat his friends to a day on the yacht in Lake Panchertrain. The yaght had hardly left the dock when clothes came off and things started to really heat up. When PBJay stands on the bow Victor sets in to get a taste of his sweet ass and then sinks his cock balls deep.
Being a gracious host he turns the boy over to Sailer Blue who doesnt waste a minute to put his rod in and catch himself a piece of ass too. Rickey Ram, Clark Kent, Travis Woods and Bobby Turk all take turns at casting thier seed into the cock hungry boy switching back and forth. Dick Rickey jumps in the water giving the boys the perfect opportunity to let loose some piss as it splatters dick on the dive platform. The yacht is left to float on it's own when even El Capitan lets loose the wheel to drop his fat pole and cum in. It is an afternoon of fun, fuck and party until the setting sun calls thier fuck party to shore.


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