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Cum Tickle Me

Cum Tickle Me

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If erotic bondage and tickling turns you on, gets you hard and horny and ready to cum, you're going to love this collection of Asian twink tickling scenes. When the cute Asian twinks have been thoroughly tickled to tears, the focus turns to stroking the bound boy's cock until he blows his load.

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Argie, T-Boy, Vahn

In this limits peaking tickling handjob scene, Vahn and our new erotic tickle fetish boy whom we’ve nicknamed “T-Boy” take our lean ticklish twink Argie to his full limits, then push him over the edge. We discovered T-boy has a horny sadistic streak a mile wide, and it shows in his face and natural ability to inflict tickle torture on his bound gay victim. Watch his facial expression as he tickles Argie. He’s like an animal in his natural habitat. T-boy sucks his toes and tickles his feet with his tongue while Vahn keeps Argie in a raging boner by stroking his cock. Argie is about to crawl out of his skin. He doesn’t know whether to laugh, moan, cry, or cum. But after some time of being edged, he begs to have one hand released so he can stroke himself to orgasm. Vahn finally relents, and joins him for a simultaneous double cum shot. But 3 of his limbs are still tied, so after the orgasm, the boys tickle the hell out of him some more.

Mikal, Vahn

We welcome a brand new hot twink Mikal Rivera to our pool of Asian tickle boys. Our resident tickler Vahn has cute sexy Pinoy twink Mikal strapped down spreadeagled on the bed for his very first experience with male tickling. This hot twink was ticklish all over his lean toned body. And his feet were just as ticklish as Vahn got him howling from the foot tickling! You really don’t want to miss this one. It’s wild! Things turn very erotic for Pinoy boys Mikal and Vahn. After a long and severe relentless male tickling session, Vahn slows down the pace and sensually and feather-lightly tickles Mikal’s smooth lean body while he’s tied spreadeagled to the bed. Mikal giggles, moans, and squirms as Vahn teases and tickles all his most sensitive spots. Then he starts stroking both Mikal’s and his own cock. Soon he releases Mikal from his bondage so he can wank his own cock. Vahn orgasms once, spilling a gorgeous white load on Mikal’s shoulder. Moments later, Vahn has a second orgasm and spurts a shot across Mikal’s chest, then Mikal shoots his load all over his sexy abs.

Arjo, Vahn, Gilbert

Slim, cute Asian twink Arjo is back after 4 years since his debut appearance. And we’re happy to have this ticklish Asian twink back for another round of gay tickling torture. Vahn and Gilbert are the sadistic ticklers in this scene. Arjo’s Asian boy feet are quite ticklish, so the tickle twinks make sure to spend plenty of time on his ticklish feet. After a nice long tie and tickle session, Vahn is so horny, he decides to jerk off and shoot his cum on Arjo.

Argie, Vahn, Marcon

Cute Marcon just moved in next door, so Argie and Vahn invited him over to welcome him to the neighborhood. They have been scheming on how to get this cute Asian twink tied to their bed because they want to tickle the hell out of him. So they decided to put some knock-out powder in his soft drink. They bring him the drink and soon he is passed out on the bed. When he wakes up, cute Marcon finds himself spreadeagled on the bed. Argie and Vahn tell him this is their way of welcoming the new boys on the block. They begin their tickle assault on the cute Asian twink. After a nice long tickle torture session, they begin sensual tickling and hand job. Marcon is loving every stroke of his hard cock. Marcon asks to be released so he can take over and finish. And that he does! He shoots his cum and lays exhausted on the bed.

Jaymes, Alex, Rico

Handsome Asian str8 boy Jaymes gets tickle attacked by his buddies. After an exciting tickle torture session, Alex blow jobs Jaymes and wanks out a cum shot.

Marco, Alex, Vahn, Ricky

Ticklish straight Asian boy Marco is a first timer here at Laughing Asians. What a cute, smooth, hot Asian boy he is. Marco is just 18 years old. His shy personality prevented him from bursting out in laughter when we tickled him, but you could tell he was terribly ticklish. We did get him laughing when we tickled his feet. So after a nice long team tickle on this hot cute Asian boy, he laid back and stroked his cock and gave us a nice cum shot.

Freddy, Vahn

This is Freddy’s first time being tied and tickled. Freddy is a very horny Asian twink who is open minded. He seems willing to try anything. So when asked if he wanted to try out some gay tickling fetish fun and get tied and tickled, he found the idea very exciting and erotic. Vahn tied him to the bed and starts tickling his smooth brown armpits and torso. Freddy starts laughing and pretty much didn’t stop. Vahn makes himself cozy and comfortable at Freddy’s ticklish Asian boy feet and relentlessly tickles his soles, keeping Freddy in hysterics. But when Vahn brings out the feather, things turn very kinky and horny. Vahn starts feather tickling Freddy’s balls and cock, and this heightens Freddy’s squirming and hysterical ticklish laughter. Vahn tickle torments Freddy’s crotch and cock relentlessly, and we see his cock expanding to a full boner. This is turning him on. “hahahahahaha I’m so horny hahahaha!” cries Freddy while Vahn keeps the feather flickering all over his nuts and flailing, bouncing hard cock. Finally, Vahn starts sucking his cock while keeping the feather tickling his balls. Freddy is going nuts. He merges his moans with laughter, and his cock is so rigid at this point. Now Vahn starts a tickling hand job. Freddy needs to get off. But Vahn is edging his cock like the cruel tickler that he is. After more cock teasing and edging, Freddy begs to be released. His cum load is right at the door and needs to spurt. Vahn has mercy and releases Freddy from gay bondage and Freddy takes the matter into his own hands. “I’m cumming!” says Freddy as he shoots his cum. Vahn start tickling Freddy again in the height of post-orgasm sensitivity, sending Freddy back into tickle hysterics.

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