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Daddy Mike is at it again and he getting raunchy with his Asian twinks. Daddy thrills his boys with ass play and bareback fucking until Daddy and Twink cum together.

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Mike Reynolds, Freddy

I don’t know what it is about gay Asian boys with long hair, but it really turns me on. Freddy is tall and sexy and loves getting fucked. He’s a well hung Asian twink and I do love a mouth full of Asian boy cock. Freddy and I spent a lot of time with oral sex. We enjoyed plenty of ass rimming and blowjobs before I started finger fucking his smooth hairless ass. I asked him if he wanted something bigger to fuck his ass, and he immediately said yes. That was my cue for bareback fucking this sexy Asian gay boy. I pounded his ass for a long while in several positions, and he loved every minute of it. Finally we layed down together and stroked out our cum shots simultaneously.

Mike Reynolds, Andrew

Andrew has been one of my favorite Asian gay porn models for many months. He’s got a bigger than average cock for an Asian boy, and he’s pretty darn cute. His lean, slim twink body is a real turn on. Andrew and I enjoyed some ass rimming and cock sucking to get our daddy twink action rolling. And by the time I had my fill of ass play, daddy was ready to bareback fuck this gay Asian boy.

Mike Reynolds, Argie

You’ve all seen Argie in a variety of Asian gay porn, best known as Doctor Gayvara on Doctor Twink. But today he’s all mine! I finally get the chance to enjoy gay sex with this sexy twink. Argie starts off by assisting me with my workout, and while I’m pumping iron, Argie starts sucking my daddy cock. The workout didn’t last long and soon I had him bent over so I could have some ass play with him. After some finger fucking and rimming, I wanted to get the daddy twink bareback fucking going. So we fucked in several positions. Finally we both started stroking our cocks. I shot my cum first, then Argie followed seconds later. I went down to catch his cum in my mouth.

Mike Reynolds, Alex

It’s been a few years since the first time I fucked this sexy Asian gay boy. And being that I like Alex so much, I wanted to invite him back for another round of bareback fucking. I love tickling this cute Pinoy boy because he’s so ticklish, and his laughter turns me on. So I did spend a minute or two with my fetish on him. When he wrapped his mouth around my cock I made sure I fucked his face real good, then I had to have some ass play with him. A little bit of finger fucking and ass rimming got me right in the mood for bareback fucking. I fucked Alex every which way and made him shoot his cum while I pounded his ass hard. That induced my orgasm and I released my load on his abs to mingle with his cum.

Mike Reynolds, Russel

This long haired little gay Asian boy completely stirred my senses. Russel is shy but horny for daddy cock so I certainly fed it to him and watched him gobble it up. Now let’s talk about his sweet little ass. Smooth and hairless, I had to eat ass and make him moan. After lubing it up with ass rimming, I wanted to see how many fingers I could get in. His Asian boy ass was so tight, my ass fingering technique ended with 2 fingers. So I know it was going to feel real good bareback fucking this delightfully naughty Asian gay boy. Once the fucking got started, I got him moaning real good, and it just made me pound harder. After bareback fucking this little darling, we both stroked and shot our cum loads.

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