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Daddy Cumplex

Daddy Cumplex

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If you enjoy dad and son bareback sex, with a bit of an edge, this collection is sure to get the juices flowing. The rough sex and light bondage only serve to complement the hardcore action that includes a raw daisy chain fuck, ass breeding, and ass-to-mouth cock sucking. These hairy men take pleasure in having their way with the younger bottoms, who enjoy the experience only a mature top can deliver. Make this DVD the next addition to your library and take a front row seat to all of the raw action it has to offer.

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Casimiro and Evan

Young Latin bottom Evan wants to play and he lets his daddy know with a kiss. As they kiss, the two slowly remove clothes until Casimiro can get his finger in the boy’s ass. By the time they are naked, Evan has his daddy’s cock in his mouth, sucking on it until its stiff enough to ride. We enjoy some close-ups of the ass lip rolling raw action, before a position change has Casimiro barebacking Evan from behind. After giving his boy a good fucking, Casimiro pulls out, cums on his hole and breeds Evan with it.

Horatio and Arthur

Young Latino Arthur is at his computer when daddy Horatio approaches him from behind and quickly makes it clear he wants to play. Soon he’s got his cock in the boy’s mouth and young Arthur ends up on his knees sucking the mature top, until his fat uncut cock is hard. Then Horatio rims and fingers his naked bottom boy, before taking that ass from behind. With a hand full of Arthur’s hair, he barebacks the boy, while bent over a chair. Horatio fucks his young bottom in several more positions, before Arthur cums on his belly. Then, with some ass-to-mouth oral, Arthur sucks Horatio’s dick until there’s daddy seed spilling out over the boy’s lips and dripping off his chin.

Jacim and Ramiro

We look in on hairy daddy Jasin, who is enjoying the company of young Ramiro. He’s also enjoying the boy’s lips wrapped around his stiff uncut cock. As things progress and more clothes are removed, Jasim blows and rims his young partner. Then he slides his raw cock in from behind and starts barebacking the boy. A position change has Ramiro legs in the air for a second round of ass pounding, before daddy kicks back to take a mouth full of his bottom’s cum.

Mitch, Ferdinan and Cedric

We look in on daddies Mitch and Ferdinan, who’ve bound young Cedric in a chair and are having their way with the young Latino. Ferdinan shoves his big uncut dick in the naked boy’s mouth, while Mitch goes down on Cedric’s stiff meat. Then Cedric is fed both daddy cocks, before he’s released from his restraints to ride Mitch raw, while Ferdinan sucks his cock. The trio ends up in a bareback daisy chain fuck, with Cedric in the middle pounding Ferdinan from behind. Finally, Cedric is spit roasted by his horny daddies, before taking a mouth full of cum.

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1 hour 50 min


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