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Daddy's Sexetaries

Daddy’s Sexetaries

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Daddy Mike is always hard at work. He's got a big staff and he knows how to use it. So when the conference table is rocking, don't come knocking unless you want to cum and join the fun

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Giving The Boys A Raise – Mike Reynolds, Gilbert, Andrew, Joshua

What’s wrong with gay Asian boys these days? They feel so entitled. Unfortunately for them, I’m an old school boss who believes raises are earned, not entitled. And when I notice Gilbert has fallen behind in is work, I call him to my office to discuss things. And sure enough, first thing he does is ask for a raise. And one of the benefits of being boss is there are ways to get what you want from your employees, and I’m not talking about TPS reports! Gilbert asked who he has to sleep with to get a raise. Well he’s looking at him, and he gets right down to earning by getting right down on his knees. Gilbert starts giving me a blowjob while I call in his co-working Andrew. Andrew sees the gay sex action going on and decides he wants a raise too. So the threesome begins as I have a fuck fest in my office.

Fuck Me Harder Boss – Mike Reynolds, Joshua

It’s good to be boss. And for sexy gay Asian twinks to get ahead in the corporate world, they have to be willing to do anything to get their foot in the door. And this can mean getting the boss’ cock up their ass. Joshua wants in the company real bad, and his lack of work experience isn’t cutting it. So he decides to take the other way in via sexual favors for the boss. Joshua seduces his way into the company by offering the boss a blowjob. But that’s not going to be enough. Daddy Mike wants to go all the way with a full bareback fucking interview that ends up landing Joshua not only a position in the company, but several fucking positions on the conference table.

Freddy Saves His Job – Mike Reynolds, Freddy

Daddy calls Asian twink Freddy into the conference room to discuss his poor performance with the company. When Daddy Mike tells the twink he is terminated, Freddy begins to beg for his job. Willing to do anything, this cute Asian gay boy shows Daddy Mike how well he can perform in a different realm. Freddy pulls Daddy’s cock out of his fly and begins a long blowjob. Daddy Mike savors the cock sucking and decides he wants some of this Asian twink’s ass. After some ass rimming and finger fucking, Daddy whips out his big cock and starts bareback fucking the cute Asian boy. And when Daddy Mike has fucked him in multiple positions, Freddy blows his load while he’s being fucked. Daddy follows with a few squirts of cum. Looks like Freddy has saved his job!

Let’s Fuck And Make Up – Mike Reynolds, Russel, Arjo

Boss Daddy Mike overhears two of his Asian twink employees arguing in the hallway and decides to intervene. He marches them into his office to lay down some discipline. He suggests they kiss and make up, literally. Daddy watches as the two Asian gay boys do some tongue kissing, and gets turned on. Then he suggests they suck cock and make up. The cocks are all out and now there’s a cock sucking threesome in Daddy Mike’s office. Now that everyone is horny for some gay bareback sex, everyone takes turns fucking and being fucked. And by the time all the bareback fucking is finished, the two Asian boys unload their cum on daddy’s face.

Daddy’s SEXetary – Mike Reynolds, Craig

Daddy Mike oversleeps and can’t have his morning wank before preparing for work. He arrives at the office and he’s horny. Luckily his cute Asian twink secretary is there. Normally they enjoy a bit of afternoon delight. But Daddy has a hard on and needs to get off. He pops into Craig’s office to see if he can coax him into some gay sex first thing in the morning. Craig is a loyal secretary and enjoys getting fucked by his boss nearly every day. Daddy Mike convinces him to come to his office and Craig gets down on his knees to give Daddy a blowjob. But Daddy wants more than that. He wants a piece of that gay Asian ass. Daddy rims and fingers his secretary’s hole then the two launch an office bareback fuck session that ends with both of them blowing their loads.


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