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Young Dr. Dominic travels to Thailand where he finds himself in the middle of some wild and kinky duo and group sex adventures. He heard stories about how raunchy these Asian boys can get and wanted to experience it himself. What he discovered is everything he's been told about these Asian twinks is true. Each encounter is filled with cock sucking, ass rimming and bareback fucking. That's enough to put a smile on any young man's face, but these boys take things to another level. Every one of these young guys is into watersports, so there's no shortage of golden showers and piss drinking in all of his sexual encounters. By the time these boys are finished, they are all dripping in piss and cum.

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Dave, Thomas and Dominic

Dominik goes down on cute Asian boy Thomas’ uncut dick, when young Dave arrives and joins in.Thomas rims his smooth ass and sucks his cock, while pushing medical instruments up his hole. Dave sucks doctor cocks for awhile and then Thomas bareback fucks Dave across his desk. Thomas withdraws and pisses all over dave’s stomach. Next Dave gets spit roasted and then Thomas is in the middle. Dominik watches Thomas barebacking Dave, and face fucks the horny doctor. Thomas needs to piss again, and covers Dominik and Dave in urine. Thomas fucks Dave until he unloads on his ass. Dave and Dominik then stroke themselves off, and shoot their jizz all over Doctor Thomas’ face.

Dominic, Bi and Gray

Asian boys Gray and Bi hook up with Dominic, a sexy European guy. They take each other’s cocks out, and Gray sucks Bi’s dick, as Dominic rims his ass. Everyone sucks dick, before Dominic decides that it is time to fuck Gray’s tight Asian ass. Then he lets Bi fuck him bareback. Bi is so turned on, he cums all over Dominic’s face. Gray joins Dominic in licking the cum off Bi’s dick, before he takes a ride on Dominics hard cock. Dominic fucks Gray’s ass slowly, sucking on Bi’s stiff dick each time he thrusts forward. Bi cums in Dominic’s mouth again, which makes Dominic unload on Gray’s butt, and he uses it to slide back in. Finally it is Gray’s turn cum, and Dominic drinks it down.

Dominic and Dave

Dominic meets up with Dave, a kinky Asian twink, who starts things off by sucking Dominic’s large uncut cock. Then Dave gets on his knees, and Dominic shoots a warm stream of piss on his face and smooth naked body. He then takes his wet boy and rims his ass, before sliding his cock in and fucking the twink raw. The kinky European follows that by pissing all over Dave’s balls and into his ass. The two move to a 69 and soon Dominic unloads his cum on Dave’s face. After Dave licks it up, Dominic pees all over him again. Dave jerks off, and shoots jizz on his smooth Asian stomach. Dominic cums again, splashing Dave’s face with more spunk. Dominic sits on the floor, and Dave showers him in piss. Then he sucks Dominic’s cock, and fucks him bareback. After his raw hole is pounded, Dominic unloads even more cum and Dave follows with a second load.

Dominic, Thomas and Jason

This cute interracial trio go to the bedroom and suck each other’s cock. Dominik and Thomas piss into Jason’s mouth, while Jason drinks it. Jason lowers himself onto Dominik’s hard cock, while Thomas sits on Dominik’s face, and he rims his hole, while barebacking Jason. Thomas holds Jason’s legs behind his head, so that Dominik can fuck the youth deep. Then Thomas urinates on Dominik’s cock, as he fucks Jason. The trio piss and drink each other’s urine, before sucking and fucking some more. Jack themselves off, Dominik shoots onto Jason’s face, and then Thomas adds his. Dominik pisses on Jason’s face and washes the cum into his mouth.

Dominic, Thomas and Stephan

Dominik lies back for Thomas and Stephan to give him an oil massage. Stephan takes his hard cock out and sucks it. Then Thomas fucks Dominik’s face. The trio of twinks are all hard, and form a cock sucking train. Dominik rims Thomas, while Stephan sucks his dick. Then Dominik slowly barebacks Thomas, and Stephan fucks his mouth. The three continue sucking, rimming and fucking each other in every combination imaginable. Dominik unloads jizz all over Stephan’s ass. Followed by Thomas and Stephan stroke themselves off, shooting their cum all over Dominik’s face.

Dominic and May

In this interracial hook up, blond boy Dominic enjoys a festive romp with Asian twink May. After some hot cock sucking and ass rimming, the big dick Euro boy bareback fucks little May in as many positions as his young Asian ass can take, before the cum starts pumping.

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