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Billie Ramos is a 21 year old Latin boy with a big dick swinging between his legs. Like most young guys he loves sex and you get a front row seat as we look in on his hardcore gay encounters. First we get to know every inch of this sexy young man, in a hot solo jerk off session. Then it’s all about the cock sucking and ass fucking, with 6 different young guys. This versatile young stud shows us he’s equally comfortable with both giving and receiving, as he takes each partner to a level they’ve never reached before. It you enjoy hot gay sex, between cute young all American boys, this one is a keeper!

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Billie Ramos Solo

Billie Ramos is a super gorgeous New York Latino with an 8 inch cock. This versatile 21 year old is a professional dancer and attends college. Billie does it all, but in this scene the focus is on him alone. Enjoy as he strips naked, and strokes out a nice big cum load.

Billie and Jesse

Billie and Jesse are on the bed flirting with each other and pretty soon they start striping naked. Billie goes right to work on Jesse’s cock, getting him rock hard and ready to fuck. With Billie on his belly, Jesse slides in and fucks his buddy. Then Billie rides that monster, before they kick back and start stroking off. Jesse ends up shooting a load that splatters from happy trail to smooth chest and lays there with a big smile on his cute face.

Billie and Michael

Billie and Michael are on the bed and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where this is going. It isn’t long before Billie has Michael’s cock in his mouth and soon the two are naked and sucking each other in a sexy 69. Michael hops on Billie’s hard cock for a ride and does all the work until his top takes him from behind. Then Billie flips his bottom and drives his cock in deep. By the time Billie is done fucking, Michael has cum running off his smooth belly and chest.

Billie and Diego

Diego and Billie have some hot fun with each other that starts out with both stripping naked and enjoying a long oral exchange. Cock sucking turns to ass fucking and by the time these two Latin twinks are done there’s warm cum running off Diego’s smooth belly.

Billie and Evan

Evan and Billie have the hots for each other. After taking a hot shower, Evan gets horny and comes on to his buddy. Soon they’re both naked and sucking each other’s cock. Some 69 and ass rimming leads to Evan taking a ride on Billie’s hard cock. Doggy is followed by missionary and a navel full of cum.

Billie and Timmy

Timmy is heading home when he runs into Billie. It doesn’t take much for the two boys to decide they want to play, so they head for a private space. Soon the two of them are naked and busy sucking on each other’s big cock. By the time these boys are done there’s the taste of cum on both their lips.

Billie and Zack

In this scene, Billie hooks up with Zack Knight, whom he’s been wanting for awhile. Now that they’re together, and have some privacy, sparks are going to fly. Billie has his mind set on Zack’s cute ass and hard dick and Zack isn’t running away. Clothes strip off, cocks get sucked, ass is rimmed and then Zack takes a good hard pounding from Billie. By the time these two are done, Billie has the taste of Zack’s cum on his lips.

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