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Gloryhole Hookups #3

Gloryhole Hookups #3

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This guy is all about sucking dick and getting his ass fucked at gloryholes. He prides himself as a skillful cock sucker and lusts for the taste of another man's cum. Now he has a gloryhole in his own home and invites horny men over to experience his talents, in return for capturing the sessions on camera. Even married guys, return often for an experience they cannot get in their straight lives. For a unique taste of reality, grab this amateur homemade collection and enjoy all the dick sucking and ass fucking gloryhole action it has to offer.

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Banker Fucks Both Holes

This banker wanted more than my mouth, at the gloryhole. I gave him the dick licking he came for, and got a taste of my own ass, after he fucked it. Then I washed it down with his cum load.

Screw The Gloryhole Fuck

Even though we wore masks, this guy was more interested in a face-to-face encounter than having a wall between us. He also wanted to fuck my ass and I was up for both.

Monster Black Cock At Gloryhole

I do enjoy a big black cock, so this lunch time visit was a real treat for me. I gave that monster dick the servicing it deserved and in return swallowed a big gusher of a cum load.

Fireman Gets Sucked At The Gloryhole

I just love those men in uniform and this time I’ve got a Fireman’s hose in my mouth. I give him the blowjob of his life and he responds with a cum gusher for me to swallow. You would think that in a house full of men, all waiting to jump into action, there would be at least some willing to suck each other’s dick. Fortunately for me, there are not.

Getting Fucked At The Gloryhole

It doesn’t happen often, but on occasion I have a visitor that wants more than a blow job. If the vibe is right, I’m always up for some sucking and fucking, which is what happened when this man came knocking at the gloryhole.

Chocolate Cock At The Gloryhole

I can’t get enough of those chocolate cocks, so I was happy to see this ebony man at the door wanting a session at the gloryhole. I gave that dark meat the servicing it needed and got to taste the sweet nectar it released, in return.

New Fat Cock At The Gloryhole

First time visitors to the gloryhole are always fun, because they are usually a little nervous and not sure what to expect. Once I wrap my lips around their dick and give them the blowjob of their life, a completely different person emerges, and usually returns again and again.

Fucking My Holes At The Gloryhole

This guy came to the gloryhole wanting both of my holes. I decided to give up the ass for him to fuck, after sucking him stiff and ready. Bent over and backed up to the wall, he pushes in and pounds my butt to a cum gushing conclusion.

Drank His Cum and Jerked Myself Off

I don’t always get myself off when servicing cock at the gloryhole, but with this guy I made an exception. It had nothing to do with him. I was just horny to get off and decided to take advantage of the moment. So with a mouth full of his cum, I stroked out my own.

Gloryhole Regular Gets Another Servicing

This guy frequents my gloryhole and I like servicing his meat as much as he takes pleasure in receiving it. I’ve sucked this dick so many times I know exactly how to push his buttons and keep him on the edge until I want to enjoy the taste of his warm cum load down my throat.

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