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How Dads Bond

How Dads Bond

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Filled with light bondage and rough sex, this collection of dad and son bareback fucking scenes is sure to grab the attention of those who enjoy gay intergenerational kink. In each, daddy has his way with his passive boy, who enjoys the aggressive treatment and gladly lets his mature top dominate. From puppy training to handcuffed at the bar, there's plenty of fetish to complement the hot raw sex. If you like mature on young, with a bit of an edge, this is one DVD that belongs in your library of lust.

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Andres and Pierce

Cute young Pierce is Daddy’s puppy for the evening and we find him on his knees with a leash around his neck. Daddy Andres has a firm grip on the other end, as he instructs his pup to lick some dick. The boy obeys and Andres is soon enjoying his moist warm mouth and tongue. After sucking that daddy dick stiff, he’s joined by the man behind the camera and briefly enjoys the taste of two cocks. Then Andres has the boy squat on his raw cock, before bending him over for a bareback pounding from behind. Andres reaches around to stroke the boy’s big uncut cock, keeping him stiff while getting his young ass fucked. Finally, Pierce is ordered to sit and Andres stands over him to stroke out a mouth full of cum. By the time they are done, Pierce has it dripping off the chin and spilling onto his smooth chest.

Ali and Daryl

Seated at the bar, young Daryl is making it clear he’d like to get fucked by mature Ali. It doesn’t take long before the boy is on his knees with a big fat daddy cock in his mouth. By the time both are naked, the mature top has his raw cock up the slim and smooth boy’s ass. With the boy seated on a bar stool, Ali barebacks him from behind, pulling on the young bottom’s hair to make sure Daryl knows who is in control. Then daddy takes a seat and Daryl backs on to his hard cock, for one more round of raw fucking. Finally, Daryl gets on his knees, so his older top can pump a cum gusher all over the boy’s cute face.

Ernest and Jorge

Daddy and his boy enjoy kinky sex and in this dad and son bareback romp, young Jorge is naked, bound and face down on the sofa. Ernest sticks his cock in the boy’s face for some oral pleasuring and then moves around to give Jorge a rim job, before sliding his raw cock in. After a deep pounding, Jorge gets a taste of his own ass, when he’s is given daddy’s big cock to suck on again. Then the bound boy is back on his knees for another round of barebacking, before Ernest breeds his young Latin ass.

Giussepe and Abel

In this kinky encounter, Latin delivery boy Abel soon finds himself on the floor, with his legs and arms bound. Daddy Giussepe pulls his pants and shirt down and makes the boy suck his big dick. Then the hairy and mature top pushes his stiff raw cock up the young man’s hole and barebacks him on the floor. Finally, the boy gets a taste of his own ass, when daddy makes him suck the cum out of his cock. By the time this bondage scene is over, young Abel has a gusher of cum dripping off his chin.

Horatio and Gilbert

Daddy Horatio has a cute Latin boy at his bar and after some small talk he wastes little time letting the boy know he’d like to get kinky with him. Stripped and cuffed, the boy is bent over the bar for an ass licking, before getting pushed to his knees so he can service his mature master’s big uncut cock. Once rock hard and ready, Horatio leans his bottom boy over the bar stool and takes him from behind. Moving to a chair, Daddy has Young Gilbert continue the bar room bareback fuck, by sitting on his hard meat for a raw ride. Finally, the older top stands and pumps his cum load into the passive boy’s mouth.

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