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The Internet is a wonderful thing. It has inspired many an exhibitionist to get naked in front of their webcam and show off. This compilation features the amateur productions of 12 young Latinos, all slim and smooth, with a passion for sharing what most only do privately. These twink and college age boys have nothing to be ashamed of, in the dick department, and a couple are packing enough meat to attract only the more experienced, or adventurous, bottoms. It you are into young Latin guys and enjoy the reality that only comes with amateur videos, this DVD is a must have for your gay porn collection.

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This homemade amateur video from slim and smooth Latino Alejo is hot to watch. The boy does a slow tease strip that includes a good look at his butt, before the underwear is pulled off. Then he gets busy working on his uncut cock. For added stimulation, the obvious bottom shoves a big dildo up his butt, and soon his meat is ready to beat. As he pumps his ass full of sex toy, Alejo strokes his cum out all over himself and smears it around. Finally, the young man licks his fingers clean.


This homemade webcam video from Andreas begins with his Latin butt parked on the sofa. Before he removes any of his clothes, this bad boy makes it clear he’s packing a big one. He pops his uncut monster out of the fly of his boxer briefs for a sneak peek at that uncut monster, before getting totally naked and showing of a fine looking little ass. What follows is a hot stroke show that has him seated and standing as he works that big meat. When he finally blows, it’s a gusher! There’s cum all over the place and he swipes some of it up for a finger licking taste.


Skinny and smooth Cedric entertains us with his amateur webcam video he shot in the kitchen. The young Latino wastes little time stripping naked and giving us a close-up look at his shaved package. With little effort, that big uncut dick grows in his hand and soon he’s got a dildo up the ass to show just how much he can take from behind. This Latin twink is all over the place, pumping his ass, and stroking that dick until he finally blows a load all over his smooth belly. The last thing we see is him licking his fingers clean.


This slim and smooth Latino has made an amateur stroke show video of himself to share on the Internet. On his bed, the young man starts undressing, as everyone watching waits to see what he’s got between the legs. Once the underwear is pulled off we can tell Corey is blessed with a big one, and he’s all over that bed stroking and showing off his fine looking little butt. Eventually, he lies flat on his back and we know the boy is getting ready to blow. Sure enough his stiff dick starts pumping out a cum load that pools on his smooth belly. He licks some off his fingers, before grabbing a tissue to clean up the rest.


Gerard is a skinny and smooth twink exhibitionist, who enjoys making videos of his naked self jacking off. This is one of his amateur productions and it has some great close-ups of him fingering his asshole, while working up a big uncut boner. A long stroke show follows, as he jacks off with determination, edging himself closer and closer to orgasm. Once this Latin boy is ready to blow, he stands close to his camera and lets us watch a profile of his gushing cum shot. Clearly this isn’t his first time to the rodeo.

Marco Torres

Marco Torres is a Latin twink, with a big uncut dick and fine looking little butt. We get to see all of that in this amateur webcam video he sent in. We’ll go out on a limb here and conclude this young man is a bottom, because he makes good use of a finger up his hole, while stroking with the other hand. No doubt he has plenty of tops in waiting to fuck his Latin ass, or at least he will after this video goes public.

Jason Ben

This cute Latin twink is totally into his amateur production, flames and all! He keeps his hat and vest on the entire video, but as the shorts peel off we can see a sexy little happy trail that leads to a monster uncut cock. Clearly the boy is proud of his package, which probably explains why he likes making these amateur webcam videos. With pants off, the boy goes to work stroking his big boner and giving us some good shots of that bubble butt. Kicked back in a chair Jason pumps out a cum load all over the happy trail and makes sure the camera is up close for the money shot.


Parked in front of his webcam, young Joel starts working on a boner, before he’s even started to strip naked. By the time his clothes are off, this skinny and smooth twink is already well on his way to having a stiff one in his hand. A well-placed finger adds some anal stimulation, as the boy gets into his amateur stroke show. Joel scoots up close to his camera, so we can get a good look when he blows. Then, stroking with determination, the young man finally releases and cum cascades down his hard uncut dick and on to that once busy hand.


Young Jonas has that innocent boy next door look, but as he strips naked in front of his webcam it quickly becomes clear he’s no stranger to amateur porn. It is obvious this Latino has done more than one exhibitionist stroke show, as he has all the right moves to tease a drooling audience. Working that stiff uncut meat, the boy makes sure to occasionally give us a good look at his hole, and the show continues until he’s ready to shoot. Finally, he gives that look that can only mean one thing, and soon he’s licking his fingers clean, as cum runs off his smooth belly.

Lucas Farron

Lucas is an adorable young man, who is super skinny and packing a monster cock. As the smooth Latino strips naked in front of his webcam, that big uncut dick flops out and in no time he has it stiff in his hand. With a cock like that it’s easy to understand why this amateur loves showing it off. Rolling around naked on his bed, Lucas gives us a few looks at his asshole, but it’s difficult to notice with that big distraction swinging between his skinny legs. While that dick is impressive, we can’t say the same for his cum shot. But what little he does manage to squeeze out soon finds its way to his lips.


This buff young man has an adorable face and a body to die for. Nathan clearly spends time at the gym, and we thank him for his efforts. After getting naked, the boy goes to work on a boner and once he’s stiff we can see he has one more feature on his body to be proud of, and show off. What follows is a hot webcam stroke show that leaves nothing to the imagination. This boy knows how to entertain an audience and by the time he’s done stroking that big uncut cock of his is covered with freshly pumped cum. He finishes by holding that monster cum dripping hunk of meat up close to his camera.

Roberto Sanz

Roberto is a droopy eyed Latin boy who almost looks bored as he strips out of his pants and underwear to reveal is fat uncut cock. Maybe he gets more excited when he has that stiff cock of his shoved up some boy’s butt. In any case, he has a slim and smooth body that few Latin twink lovers would kick out of bed. And we appreciate him sharing one of his amateur jerk off videos. Seated in a chair, he strokes with determination and finally releases all over his hand.

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