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The name says it All. LET’S FUCK features Victor Cody, Ray Dalton, Chad Brock, Dek Reckless, Travis Woods, with New Comers Ryan Notts and Scott Pierson.  It is hardcore action watching these men be pissed on, flogged, spanked, double penetrated, fucked and used hard. Men want to FUCK and FUCK is just what these men do

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Ryan Nott, Chad Brock

Chad Brock has a craving for British born Ryan Notts, a total top with a big fat uncut cock that craves hairy American man ass. After an introductory kiss, Ryan wastes no time getting his uncut dick into Chad’s mouth for a good servicing. Rock hard and ready to fuck, Ryan bends Chad over and barebacks his hairy ass hard. Mounting him doggie style, Ryan pumps his raw cock deep into Chad’s hole, and doesn’t pull out until he’s received a proper breeding.

Gang Banging Dek Reckless

Dek Reckless hears that Chad Brock and Ray Dalton are at Victor Cody’s place, so he throws on a jock and heads on over. When Victor suggests they all fuck their cum up Dek’s ass, everyone is eager to participate. Victor picks up the camera and the ass breeding bareback fuck party begins. Ray and Chad start off by spit roasting Dek, each taking his turn on that ass. When having both holes filled with cock is no longer enough the two mount up and double penetrate Dek. Then Victor hands the camera off and leaves the first load to serve as lube for his friends. Chad delivers his nut, and then Victor delivers another, before Ray pumps his seed up that hungry hole.

In The Masters Hand

Victor Cody receives a new set of floggers and invites Scott Duran over so he can try them out. Master Victor ties him up and begins twirling his floggers releasing them onto Scotts back and ass. Victor finally shows his willing victim some mercy and lays him down in the sling for a great round of dildo ass work. Victor opens his ass up good then takes his own pleasure when he inserts his own throbbing cock into Scotts tender asshole. Victor pumps a gob of creamy cum from Scott then releases his own juice all over Scott’s balls before pumping the remaining seed into his ass.

Domain of Desire

Ray Dawson enters the Ramrod bar with one thing on his mind, sinking his fat cock into a submissive muscle ass. Spotting Scott Pierson bent over the pool table, he moves right in and fulfills Scott’s deepest desire. Ray drenches Scott in a solid stream of warm piss, then bends him over and pounds his massive cock hard into Scott aching hole. Eventually this catches the attention of Travis Woods who moves right in for a piece of the action. Ray is more than willing to share his bounty and the two take turns fucking and breeding Scott. Ray finally pumps out his massive load into that used hole and hands Scott’s cum filled ass back over to Travis. He too busts a huge load of cum in Scott’s sloppy hole.

Good Boy Gets It

Bubbie kakes has been a very good boy so Travis Woods pulls out the paddle and gives him his reward. Bubbie screams with delight each time the paddle cracks on his blistered ass. When his cheeks are good and rosy Travis drops to lick and kiss his bright red ass, slipping his tongue in and soothing the boys stinging skin. Once Travis has Bubbies hole good and wet he slides his cock in and gives his good boy
even more ass pleasure until Travis explodes in a convulsive mega orgasm.

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