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It’s a wet and wild ride, as these kinky Asian twinks mix their love of piss with fucking bareback. Each scene is packed with hardcore action and washed down with golden showers. These smooth young men pee on each other, before they even get naked! They suck, rim ass, fuck raw and wash it all down with warm urine. The boys love the taste of cum and piss on their tongues and bath themselves in both. If you like watching skinny, smooth boys fucking each other, while dripping in piss, this collection is a keeper!

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Jed and Sim

Asian twinks Jed and Albert strip to their underwear for an oil massage. Albert works Jed from head to toe and finishes off his treatment with a long relieving piss on his smooth butt. Then Jed rolls over to take some urine in his mouth. After soaking the bed, the boys exchange blow jobs, before unleash more streams of piss. Albert leans down for a sample of Jed’s yellow tonic, while stroking his cock to prepare for the bareback fucking that follows. After Albert has had his fill of Jed’s raw hole, the boys flip and Albert takes it up the ass. The twinks fuck in several positions, before jacking themselves off and rubbing their cum drenched cocks together.

Sim and Net

Asian twinks Sim and Net love having sex together, because both are into barebacking and golden showers. The two skinny boys get naked and suck dick, which quickly moves to a bit of sexy 69 action. Before moving on to some raw fucking, the cute boys drink each other’s urine and piss on each other. With pee dripping from their smooth bodies, the boys fuck until the cum starts pumping.

Tony and Jimmy

Jimmy drops by to help Tony with his work out. While Tony lifts weights, his twink friend goes down on his cock. Tony enjoys the blowjob and decides to get kinky on his Asian buddy. He pisses on the boy and then takes a drenching of urine in return. After their golden showers workout, the boys move to the bed, where Jimmy sucks Tony’s cock. With his dick hard, Tony pushes into Jimmy’s tight ass and starts fucking him bareback. He quickly cums, while getting fucked, so Tony pisses in his mouth and all over his freshly fucked ass. Jimmy follows, relieving himself in Tony’s mouth. The young Asian couple go back to fucking and Jimmy shoots a second load of cum. Tony pulls out, shoots his warm load, and Jimmy licks it all up


It’s a hot and sweaty afternoon when Joss decides to piss on himself. He pulls out a hard throbbing cock and sprays his warm pee. Still hard, he moves to the shower and continues to pee on himself, while jacking off. After several rounds of pissing and stroking, Joss fires a powerful cum shot right over his own head.

Vernon and Win

Win is getting ready for school, and while taking a shower he pisses on himself and plays with his cock. He’s already dressed in his school uniform when kinky fuck buddy Vernon drops by. Soon the boys are feeling each other up, when Vernon decides to piss all over Win’s uniform. The Asian boys get naked and move to the bedroom where they piss all over each other, before rimming ass and fucking bareback. Vernon cums on Win’s face, but the two keep going and going and going. It seems like the raw fucking, pissing and urine drinking will never end. Finally, the two jack off, with Vernon shooting his second load on Win’s face. After licking it up, Win shoots his load into Vernon’s mouth and nothing is wasted. A cum dripping kiss ends their bareback piss party.

Win and Bill

Twinks Win and Bill head for the bed after a long day full of schoolwork. Soon they are kissing and fondling each other’s hard cocks. Win sucks Bill’s dick and rims his smooth Asian ass. Then it is time for watersports and it isn’t long before their school uniforms are soaking wet with piss. The boys strip naked and 69 each other, and then Win takes Bill’s raw cock up his ass. After a good barebacking, Win needs to relieve himself again and pisses in Bill’s mouth. Now he is ready to get hard and fuck Bill. There are fantastic close-ups of this bareback fuck, as Win tease the ass juices out of Bill. By the time these two finish, the room is ripe with the smell of piss and cum.

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