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Penis Attack

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Meet Robbie Callahan, 19 year old bundle of energy from the Dallas, Texas area. Robbie stands 5’11” tall, weighs about 150 lbs., has brown hair and green eyes, and an appetizing 7″ dick. Robbie came to us by way of referral from Eric Austyn. “Yeah, Eric auditioned me in the back seat of his car”, Robbie claims. “It was really hot! I kinda wanted to meet up again, but Eric told me to apply, so I did. And I’m having great sex (and a great time) but still lookin’ to hook up with Eric again!”.

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Axel, Christian and Robbie

Christian and Axel are messing around when Robbie enters the room. Not wanting to be left out, he joins the oral action, already in play. By the time this trio is naked, everyone has a taste of the other’s big dick. Then Axel takes Robbie from the rear, while he plays with Christian, who eventually fucks the redhead’s, while he’s getting spit roasted. This is a very playful threesome that should not be missed.

Axel and Robbie

This is one very hot and playful encounter between Axel and Robbie. The two take their time getting down to some serious fucking, each sucking a little and giving the other a back rub. Eventually Robbie fucks the daylights out of Axel and both boys cum gushers.

Billie and Robbie

Two cute boys in bed, and we all know what’s about to happen. Billie and Robbie start to play, as the clothes come off. The two young guys enjoy sucking on each other’s cock, until they are rock hard and ready for some anal action. Robbie takes it up the ass in several fuck positions, before the cum starts pumping. We leave them with Robbie splattered from cock to nipples.

Christian, Jacob and Robbie

Christian, Jacob and Robbie are sleeping off the previous night’s party when Jacob wakes up horny as hell, and starts sucking on Robbie’s dick. Christian wakes up sporting monster morning wood and quickly notices the two going at it. A pillow gets the boys’ attention and soon all three are in bed sucking dick and fucking.

Cesar and Robbie

An on-line hook up puts Cesar at the door and Robbie answering. Just barely inside and the two go for each other. Cesar wastes no time getting those pants down and his lips wrapped around Robbie’s cock. On the sofa these two exchange blowjobs, before Cesar gives it up for Robbie, who slides in from the rear. Robbie fucks his Latin ass in a couple of positions and leaves him splattered with their cum from cock to nipples.

Christian and Robbie

In this scene, fuck buddies Christian and Robbie are fooling around in the pool when they decide to get down to some serious sex. So the boys move to the living room and enjoy a hot cock sucking and ass fucking session, until the cum starts pumping.

Robbie Callahan

Robbie Callahan is a 19 year old bundle of energy from the Dallas, Texas. He’s a bad boy with gorgeous green eyes, and an appetizing 7 inch dick. Enjoy, as this hot number gets naked and strokes out his cum load for us.

Robbie Fleshjack Solo

Robbie Callahan, 19 year old bundle of energy from the Dallas, Texas. Robbie identifies as bisexual, and has a girlfriend back home in Texas, but he’s really a sexual creature down deep and loves everything about it. In the privacy of the bathroom, this sexy young man gets himself off with the aid of a fleshjack.

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