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Raw SEXpert

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This collection is packed with hot young Latinos, who have the need to seed. From sensual gay sex to rough bad boy ass pounding action, there’s more than enough going on to get the Latin lust juices flowing. While one buff boy is stroking his big cock, another is giving his slim and smooth lover the blow job of his life. In another room a bottom who likes it rough is getting exactly what he asked for, while another couple exemplifies the intense passion two Latin lovers can bring to the bedroom. If you can’t get enough of those sexy Latin boys, this one belongs in your library!

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Torino Fucks Rapper

Torino is a new guy and he was introduced to me by Rapper, who wanted to get fucked by him on camera. Two masculine Latinos fucking bareback is always appealing, so we put this hot scene together. On top of that, Rapper isn’t one to bottom for just any guy, so I jump on any opportunity I can get to show that fine looking little butt of his taking cock. He goes right to work on his man, sucking that dick stiff and ready for action. Then Rapper hands control over to his top, who barebacks his Latin ass all over that bed. By the time these two were done fucking I was surprised they had enough energy left to cum.

Sebastian Jerks Off

What can I say? Sebastian is all man in a young guy’s body. With a hairy chest, big dick, muscular body and masculine looks, he’s the kind of guy fantasies are made of. This handsome Latino is not too much or too little of anything, and has the package many are looking for. His solo focuses just on him, as he works up a boner and beats off for us. Along the way we enjoy close-ups of the precum leaking form his uncut dick and a good look at that beautiful butthole. Finally, Sebastian kicks back and takes it to the finish line, leaving cum squirts on his stomach.

Vito Fucks Samuel

Samuel is a new guy I’m working with and he said having rough sex is a turn on for him, so I couldn’t think of anyone better than bad boy Vito to test that. This inked and hairy Latino packs a big fat cock and the first thing he does is shove it down Samuel’s throat and face fuck him. That had bottom boy gagging, but he kept taking it until Vito was ready to fuck his Latin ass. He power fucks Samuel, in enough positions to have any bottom screaming. In fact, at one point he tapes the boy’s mouth and continues with his rough barebacking, until the intensity had him ready to blow. At the end, Vito is dripping with sweat and Samuel has fresh cum all over his ass.

Rapper Blows Sebastian

After his solo jerk off, I wanted to get Sebastian in a scene with another guy. Not yet ready to fuck on camera, he was open to getting a blow job, so I brought in Rapper to do the honors. I knew these two masculine Latinos would look hot together and Rapper has already demonstrated he can wrap his lips around a big cock and make it squirt. Stripped to their underwear, Rapper goes for the cock and soon has it in his warm moist mouth. In no time both are naked and Rapper proceeds to suck Sebastian’s big dick in a variety of positions. By the time he’s done, there’s a cum shot from pubes to chest hair and a smile on Sebastian’s face.


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