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Sex Tutorial

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This collection is all about mature men enjoying the company of silky smooth Latin youth, who like having bareback sex with daddies. Don't assume it's always the boy who bottoms. Sometimes daddy is the one getting his mature ass pounded by a young man in his sexual prime. There's even a hot threesome where the boys give it to their daddy at both ends. Regardless, daddy always gets what he wants from his youthful barebacking companions, who are happy to please the older man. Packed with hardcore action that includes raw daisy chain fucking, spit roasting, breeding, and ass-to-mouth cock sucking, this school boy themed collection is a must have for any dad and son fan.

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Scene 1 – Cedric & Migue

Young Cedric is all about having sex with older men and this time he is sharing the company of daddy Migue. Absorbed in a school project, Cedric barley even notices Migue, until a well-placed hand gets the boy’s attention. Cedric smiles, leans back and opens his pants for the mature horny man, who quickly goes down on his uncut cock. By the time Cedric is boned up, daddy is naked and ready to hop on for a raw ride. Cedric ends up bareback fucking Migue from behind until he cums on the man’s butt. Then the boy slides back in for one final ass breeding round, before his big dick goes soft.

Scene 2 – Fabrice & Ferdinand

Skinny boy Fabrice is immersed in some school work when horny daddy Ferdinand enters. It’s obvious daddy wants to play, and soon he has the young Latino’s pants pushed down and uncut cock in hand. Some oral pleasuring soon has Fabrice sporting a big boner, which he gladly stuffs into Ferdinand’s fat ass. The boy bareback fucks the mature bottom all over that bed, before pulling out to give daddy a taste of his own ass juices, while gushing cum onto tongue and chin. Finally, the two share the boy’s warm seed in a sticky kiss.

Scene 3 – Ferdinand, Cedric & Scott

Latin boys Cedric and Scott have finished their classes and return home to relax. Young and horny, the two are soon groping and kissing when daddy Ferdinand walks in, just in time to make this a threesome. Everyone strips from the waist down and starts licking dick. Then Scott is bent over to enjoy a blowjob and ass licking, before daddy takes his skinny ass from behind and barebacks him. A daisy chain fuck has Scott in the middle, with Cedric taking up the rear. The boys spit roast their daddy, before moving to another daisy chain. Finally, daddy and Scott get on their knees to take Cedric’s cum gusher in the face, before helping Scott beat off, so Ferdinand and Cedric can dine on his cum.

Scene 4 – Horatio & Mirko

Skinny and smooth young Mirko is busy with his studies when big dick daddy Horatio walks in, wearing nothing but a towel and grabbing at his package. It isn’t long before the young Latino abandons the books and takes a mouth full of daddy cock. By the time he’s out of his school clothes, Mirko is getting his ass licked and that opens the anal door for a raw ride on Horatio’s hard cock. Then daddy pins the boy down and pounds his little butt from behind. After another round, with legs in the air, Mirko tastes his ass juices, as daddy feeds him his cock, before pumping his cum all over the boy.

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