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Study Hard

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The only thing hotter than cute Latin boys in their school clothes is those same college age guys naked and fucking bareback. You get both in this hardcore collection of action packed scenes, filled with adorable youth in their sexual prime. Big uncut cocks get sucked and tight little ass gets fucked, as these slim and smooth boys abandon the books and let their lust for each other take control. There isn't a dry dick in the house, after these cute boys have enjoyed a festive raw romp. So, grab a towel, take a front row seat, and enjoy all the action this addition to your library of lust has to offer.

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Scene 1 – Cedric & Marceau
Cedric and Marceau are a couple of slim and smooth college boys who quickly realize they would rather be playing with each other than doing their studies. It isn’t long before Marceau has Cedric’s pants down and big uncut cock in mouth. By the time both boys are naked, Cedric is giving Marceau a blow job, before taking his Latin ass from behind. After barebacking all over the bed, Marceau ends up legs in the air getting the cum fucked out of him, while Cedric delivers a deep ass breeding.

Scene 2 – Cedric & Matthew
Matthew is busy with his studies, but his horny school mate would rather get him naked and fuck. It doesn’t take long for Cedric to seduce the young bottom, who quickly wraps his lips around the top’s big dick. Cedric responds with a bit of ass licking, and then slides in from behind, fucking the skinny boy doggie. Then Matthew gets a taste of his ass juices, before hoping on for a raw ride that soon has Cedric ready to cum in his mouth. Finally, Matthew lies on the bed and strokes out his load, while Cedric fingers his well fucked hole.

Scene 3 – Fabrice & Alejo
Fabrice and Alejo do their best to concentrate on their school project, but lust soon takes over and the young Latinos start groping at each other’s crotch. Pants are unzipped and uncut cocks get pulled out, as the two make out on the sofa. An oral exchange follows, as the horny boys strip out of their school clothes, while getting hard. With nothing but ties around their necks, the naked duo move from dick sucking to ass fucking when Fabrice slides in from behind and starts fucking his friend. The boys bareback all over that sofa until Alejo finds himself legs in the air and getting the cum fucked out of him. Fabrice pulls out and Alejo gives him a helping hand as he pumps a second load onto the bottom’s smooth chest and tummy.

Scene 4 – Jason & Lance
Jason and Lance are a couple of college boys, who share a room and bed. The young lovers can’t get enough of each other and their Latin lust often gets in the way of studies. We look in on the boys as they once again abandon the books and go for the cock. Bottom boy sucks on his gorgeous top’s big dick until he’s rock hard and ready to fuck. With legs in the air, the bottom gets his skinny ass barebacked hard and deep, before he ends up wearing both of their cum loads.

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