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The Boys of BBL 4

The Boys of BBL 4

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The much anticipate release of volume 4 offers nine more cute Latin boys for you to drool over, as they strip naked and stroke their big uncut cocks. Fans of this series are again treated to a good view of the boys’ butt, as they finger fuck and stuff anal toys up their hole. All that ass play guarantees each will deliver a cum gushing finish that usually ends with a finger licking taste of the spoils. Grab the latest in this popular Latin boy solo series and enjoy all the eye candy it has to offer.

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Scene 1 – Adriel

This handsome college age jock plops his young ass on a bed, while playing with his ball. Then Adriel reaches for his own balls and begins working on a boner. By the time he’s naked we are treated to a good view and his fine looking butt, before he kicks back and gets down to the business at hand. While working his uncut cock Adriel fingers his hole, for added stimulation, and soon he’s sporting a stiff one. Beating off with determination, the horny stud edges himself to the point of no return and splatters his stomach with warm cum.

Scene 2 – Dylan

After stripping naked, this skinny and smooth boy is quick to show us his asshole, before going to work on a big boner. Once his fat cock is stiff; Dylan gives it some spit and starts stroking with determination. Some finger fucking adds to the stimulation and soon he has a gusher of warm cum splattered on his flat tummy. Then the super cute Latin twink scoops a bit of it onto his fingers and licks them clean.

Scene 3 – Finn

Latin boy Finn enjoys jacking off while shoving a big dildo up his butt. This exhibitionist clearly needs the anal stimulation to get off and doesn’t even get all that hard in the process. Planted in a chair, and with legs in the air, the horny Latin bottom fucks himself with that plastic cock until his stomach has a big cum load splattered all over it. Finn looks exhausted, as cum runs off his belly and he scoops some up for a taste.

Scene 4 – Isaac

Isaac is a super skinny Latino with big fuck me eyes. Stripped naked, he fingers that ass and tugs on his uncut cock, while seated in a chair. Once he has that meat stiff, the young man goes to work jacking off, while fingering himself, until warm cum pumps out all over his smooth belly. A large gob of it ends up dripping off his chin, while he smears the rest around for an added tease.

Scene 5 – Jack

Jack is a young Latino who enjoys letting his older daddy BF make videos of him jacking off. It’s a turn on for both, but only Jack wants his face in the video. Obviously the mature BF doesn’t mind sticking his hand and cock in the picture, giving this more of a POV feel. Young Jack strips naked, while the BF reaches in to play with his uncut cock and finger the boy’s ass. Once Jack gets down to stroking himself off it isn’t long before he’s pumping a load onto his smooth tummy.

Scene 6 – Joel

Before he’s even started to strip naked, Joel begins working on getting hard. By the time his clothes are off, this skinny and smooth twink is already well on his way to having a stiff one in his hand. A well-placed finger adds some anal stimulation, as the boy gets into his stroke show. Joel scoots up close to the camera, so we can get a good look when he blows. Then, stroking with determination, the young man finally releases and cum cascades down his hard uncut dick and on to that once busy hand.

Scene 7 – Lewis

Lewis is a big Latin boy with an uncut cock to match. Seated on a sofa, it’s not long before he’s standing and stripping off his clothes. Once the underwear is pulled off he quickly gives his asshole some fingering, while working up a stiff one. His finger is replaced with a dildo and that provides the anal stimulation he needs to complete his mission. Kicked back on the sofa, Lewis strokes his hard cock with determination and is rewarded with a finger licking good cum load.

Scene 8 – Marcuccio

Wearing shorts and a t-shirt, this young Latino is seated in the living room and wastes no time reaching for his package. Marcuccio pulls his big uncut cock out the leg of his shorts and stands, while stroking, to strip naked and give us a look at his butt. Then he kicks back, with a dildo in hand, and gives himself the anal stimulation needed to reach his self-pleasuring goal. Anal toy play is replaced with finger fucking, as he strokes that cock with determination. By the time Marcuccio is done, he has scooped a gob of fresh cum off his chest and licked his fingers clean.

Scene 9 – Nicanor

After quickly stripping off his shirt and underwear, horny Latin boy Nicanor grabs a dildo and shoves it up his hairy ass. His big uncut cock instantly gets rock hard and the stroke show begins. Every time Nicanor pulls the toy out his cock goes limp and it finally takes two fingers, and the plastic dick, to get the warm cum pumping all over his tummy.

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2 hours 6 minutes


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