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The Boys of BBL 5

The Boys of BBL 5

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Who doesn’t enjoy watching young guys, in their sexual prime, stripping naked and jacking off? This collection features 9 different Latinos, who get turned on knowing they have an audience, as they expose themselves and stroke out a much anticipated cum load. Some depend on the additional stimulation of a well-placed finger, while others only need the palm of their hand. Either way, it’s a Latin youth stroke show bonanza that is sure to have you on the edge of your seat with one hand busy.

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Scene 1 – Adrian

Adrian parks his Latin ass on a sofa and starts looking at porn on his phone. With the shirt off and pants unzipped, he takes hold of his growing uncut cock. Eventually the young man gets totally naked and kneels on the sofa, as he strokes with determination. The skinny and smooth boy continues working toward a climax until he’s passed the point of no return and pumps out a cum splattering load onto the leather beneath him.

Scene 2 – Andreas

This inked and pierced young man is shirtless on a sofa, and it isn’t long before Andreas is naked and working his big uncut cock. The slim and smooth Latino pauses his stroking to give us a good look at his fine little butt, and then he lies down to take this solo session to its climax. After stroking with determination Andreas eventually releases his cum all over belly and chest.

Scene 3 – Cedric

Cedric is a slim and smooth young man with a sweet and playful smile. He slowly strips out of his clothes and works on growing a boner. By the time he’s naked, this sexy Latino is hard and ready to show off his fine looking little ass. The skinny young man slips a condom onto his big dick and strokes out a load in it. Then he kicks back to spill its contents on his chest. Finally, Cedric scoops some up and feeds himself.

Scene 4 – Drake

Drake is a slim and smooth Latin boy, with a fine looking little butt, which he’s quick to show off after stripping naked. We also discover he’s packing a big curved uncut cock that quickly gets hard when Drake fingers himself. After a hot stroke show, the young man pumps a big cum load onto his tummy and scoops some up for a taste.

Scene 5 – Gerard

We join this skinny and smooth Latin twink already shirtless on a sofa and groping himself. Then Gerard opens his shorts and pulls out a growing uncut dick. By the time he’s naked, this cute young man is on his knees, with a stiff one in hand. After beating off for a while, Gerard kicks back and begins fingering his hole for added stimulation. This takes him over the edge and he’s soon splattering a cum gusher all over his tummy and chest.

Scene 6 – Lance

Lance pushes his shorts down just enough to show off that little butt and uncut cock of his. By the time this skinny and smooth Latino gets totally naked he has a firm grip on his dick and is working up a boner. A hot stroke show follows that finally ends with warm cum splattered all over his belly and fingers, which he is quick to lick clean.

Scene 7 – Nathan

Nathan is a buffed out Latino who quickly makes sure we know he’s spent some time in the gym. He slowly strips and flexes until finally naked and showing off his big uncut dick. The young stud takes a firm grip on his stiff meat and starts stroking it for a while. Then he pauses to give us a look at his hairy hole, before going back to business. Nathan slides a condom over his cock and pumps his load into it. Then he squeezes the contents onto his chest, before scooping up some of his cum and enjoying a taste.

Scene 8 – Rod

We find Rod already naked on his bed and working up a boner. Then the slim and smooth Latin boy flips over briefly to show off his butt, before getting back to the business at hand. The young man beats off with determination and delivers a sexy stroke show that ends with him licking the cum off his fingers.

Scene 9 – Sonny

This cute Latin boy decides to get naked and beat off in the bath tub. We find the skinny and smooth young man, with nothing but a towel on, as he climbs into the tub and sits down. Sonny is already showing a bit of wood and it doesn’t take long for him to get pumped all the way up and working on a climax. Once he reaches his goal, the young man looks up, with a smile, as he licks the warm cum off his fingers.

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