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Toe Jobs

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This is a must for all you twink foot fetish fans out there, and if silky smooth Asian boys hit your hot button, these toe sucking, foot fucking young guys are sure to take your breath away. While the focus is on soles and toes, the collection is also packed with hardcore bareback fucking action, and every scene delivers the cum, with three spilling it on the feet. This is the next great addition to your foot loving library, so grab it now and treat yourself to all the male feet action you can shake a dick at.

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Andrew and Rizal

These cute Asian twinky feet boys take their socks off and get their rocks off with male foot fetish sex after meeting online. Andrew is in love with Rizal’s cute little Asian boy feet and it shows. He’s sucking toes and licking those smooth soles while savoring the aroma. Cute little Rizal loves the attention he’s getting on his cute Asian feet. This tight body boy then takes over and starts a foot worship frenzy on Andrew’s male feet. With their cocks fully boned up, the Asian boys start sucking cock. This leads into a hot footjob session. Andrew then plunges his big Asian cock into Rizal’s tight little ass while Rizal begs him to fuck him harder. After a long raw ass pounding, the two Asian boys wank out their cum onto each others boy feet.

Freddy and Josh

Today it’s Asian twinks Freddy and Josh pairing up for some hot gay foot fetish sex. Josh is one hot gay Asian boy who loves sucking toes. When it comes to male foot worship, these two can’t seem to get enough male feet. Josh spends some time savoring Freddy’s huge cock with a blowjob then makes his way down to those sexy Asian boy feet and starts feeding on them. Freddy jerks his big cock while his feet are serviced. Then Freddy reciprocates by taking those perfect male feet in his mouth. Then the boys enjoy a sixty-nine footjob session. The room heats up as Freddy mounts Josh’s cock and rides it for a while. Josh bareback fucks Freddy good and now they switch roles as Freddy pounds Josh who finds that huge dick a little hard to handle. But Freddy takes dominance and makes sure he gets his fill of raw gay sex with this hot as hell Asian twink. Finally the two Asian boys jerk off and shoot their cum loads on each others hot male feet.

Marcon and Rizal

These two gay Asian twinks are Marcon and Rizal. They love gay foot fetish sex and they have decided to get extra kinky and tickle each other’s feet. But now Marcon wants to taste those Asian twink feet. The male foot worship starts and soon the cocks are hard for some footjob sex. After a nice sixty-nine footjob, the two Asian twinks take turns bareback fucking each other and then wank out their cum loads on each others sexy male soles.

Rizal and Nishi

Our new sexy gay foot fetish twink Rizal hooks up with cute Asian twink Nishi and the Asian boys are feeling playful. Nishi loves the feet that are in his face, and wants to tickle them. This gets Rizal giggling. Rizal gets revenge and starts tickling Nishi’s boy feet. The kinky foot tickle play is getting these gay Asian twinks horny for some male foot worship. The boys start sucking toes and licking soles. One thing leads to another as the boys start kissing and sucking cock. More gay male feet fetish ensues and now the boys want to fuck bareback. Rizal gets between Nishi’s legs and enters. Nishi gives him the green light to start pounding ass. Once Rizal has raw fucked Nishi good, Nishi returns the favor. Rizal loves bareback fucking as a bottom. Nishi pulls out and grabs his fuck buddy’s foot and wanks out a huge cum load on his Asian boy feet. This makes Rizal shoot his load all over his sexy flat abs.


This boy next door type of gay Asian twink tries to not jerk off so much by listening to some tunes. But he’s got such an obsession with male feet fetish, nothing can keep his mind off of it. Marcon gives in and starts feeling horny and needs to have a wank. He takes off his shoes and socks and spends some time sniffing them before rubbing his soft Asian boy feet. This gets his cock hard and starts wanking to his bare feet. Finally he blows his cum.

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2 hours 12 min


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