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Ty’s Wood

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When we first ran into 20 year old Ty Royal, it was in a strip club in St. Louis where we were hosting a party. Ty came up, introduced himself, stripped of his shirt and jeans and, well, we were hooked. He got a job offer that very night. This hunky young man stands just 5’7″ tall, weighs in at about 135 lbs. of solid muscle, and is endowed with an 8.5″ cock that is very much in demand around his hometown.


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Dustyn and Ty

Dustyn and Ty are in the kitchen making lunch when they decide it can wait. These boys are horny and want to fuck. After a hot oral exchange, Ty pounds Dustyn’s ass relentlessly, making good use of the counter top as a platform to fuck on. We leave these two horny boys with cum dripping off Dustyn’s face.

Dustyn, Rio and Ty

Dustyn, Rio and Ty are hanging out in the pool room. Dustyn decides to teach Rio how to play the game, but Rio has other interests. He seduces Dustyn, and horny Ty has no intentions of watching from the side line. Soon all three are naked and sucking cock. Rio gets an ass rimming, before Ty slides in and spit roasts the boy. Then the trio form a daisy chain fuck, before making Dustyn their cum rag and shooting all over his face.

Michael and Ty

Cute little Michael is hanging out with Ty and its obvious he wants the buff and very masculine guy to fuck his skinny ass. He snuggles up to Ty, making his desires known and pretty soon Michael funds himself naked and in the arms of his man. An oral exchange is followed by a bit of ass rimming, before Ty slides his big cock into Michael and fucks him. Muscular Ty delivers exactly what little Michael wanted and by the time its over there’s fresh cum dripping off his lips.

Robbie and Ty

Robbie’s car breaks down near Ty’s house. Looking for help, he rings the doorbell. When muscular Latin boy Ty comes to the door Robbie decides the car problems can wait. What follows is a hot fuck session, with Ty giving it to Robbie until he unloads on the sheets and has cum dripping out his ass!

Billie, Robbie and Ty

Three horny boys in a bed can only lead to three naked boys sucking on each other’s cock. Billie, Robbie and Ty enjoy an oral 3-way, before the muscular Latino slides in doggy and fucks Robbie’s ass. Then Billie takes a ride on Robbie, while sucking Ty’s cock. This is one hot spit roasting threesome that can’t be missed.

Christian and Ty

Blond cutie Christian is playing pool with buffed out Latin boy Ty. Neither is very good at it, so they decide to do something both have practiced many times before. And why bother going up to the bedroom when there’s a perfectly good pool table right there. The two blow each other until Ty puts his boy up against the wall and fucks his young ass. Then they move back to the table where Ty fucks the cum out of his blond bottom.

Evan and Ty

Evan is a total bottom and lives for yet another cock up his ass. Of course, muscular Latino Ty is the opposite, so this encounter is the perfect match.

Ty and Zack

Zack wants a piece of that Latin cock and muscular Ty is all about giving it to him. Ty gets his big dick sucked, and bottom boy enjoys an ass rimming, before taking that dark meat from behind. Ty fucks Zack doggie and doesn’t stop until he’s ready to cum.

Ty Royal – Bonus Scene

This muscular and hung 20 year old Latin stud returns for yet another solo Jerk off, this time enlisting the aid of a fleshjack. His 8.5 inch cock gives the sex toy a good work over and by the time he’s done there’s plenty of cum.

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