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Welcum to Chicago

Welcum to Chicago

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Chicago is famous for a lot of things, and after watching the hot scenes on this DVD you’ll discover sexy young guys is one of them. Some are bad boys, while others are tender and sweet, but all are slim, smooth and adorable. With an orgy, two 3-ways, a duo, and one solo you will definitely get a taste of the town. Enjoy the mix of Latin, black and white twinks, as they get down and dirty with each other in an action packed collection that’s begging for a place in your library of lust.

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The boys are sharing a bed after a busy, fun night. Jorge wakes up first and, being next to sexy Tiger, wakes him up to start fooling around. This wakes up Raul, who’s really eager to get into the action himself. His little, tight ass is really begging for some attention, so the other boys give him some pleasure before returning to sucking Tiger. Jorge decides he needs to fuck that boy, though, so he starts pounding Raul’s ass while Raul sucks Tiger’s big, uncut cock. Then its Tiger’s turn to start his own ass-pounding of his young friend. Next, they start a train going, with Jorge fucking Tiger while Tiger fucks Raul. Tiger loves this, and grinds his ass back on Jorge for some intense pleasure, finally shooting a big juicy load on Raul’s ass. followed by Raul stroking out his load. A good start to the new day.


It’s a little party at the condo. The boys are drinking some beer, playing cards and Raul is the good host. Besides beer and snacks, Raul also serves up some good, sloppy head which Tiger is first to accept, but this makes Jorge and Chris kinda horny so they start getting interested too and while Raul is concentrating on his talents, Jorge goes down on Chris’ thick black rod. Soon everybody is taking turns sucking on each other and enjoying it a lot. Raul’s been enjoying Chris’ big thick cock and really wants to get fucked with it, so he sits on it and gets a pounding while the other boys watch. Then Jorge fucks Raul while Tiger swallows Chris’ cock. Not one to be left out, Tiger gets his turn to fuck the cute Asian boy too, while Jorge feeds his mouth with his cock. Jorge sees that Chris is about to cum, so he swallows his big dick until he finishes, then both Jorge and Tiger blow their loads on Raul’s abused ass.


Chris is the center of attention in this scene. Raul and Tiger both start on him, bringing his dick to full massive hardness and taking turns sucking on it and grinding against his body. Then Chris sucks Tiger’s long, hard dick while Raul gets his chance to suck on Chris’ black monster cock. But Raul wants it in his ass, and Chris obliges him, fucking him hard and deep while Tiger enjoys the boy’s oral skills. Then its Chris’ turn to slam his dick into Tiger’s ass and fuck him hard, finally blowing his big load onto Tiger’s ass. Tiger and Raul erupt with big loads of their own as Chris encourages them while stroking himself.


Raul comes into the bedroom to give his friend Tiger a sexy strip tease. Raul’s really good at this, and grinds his slender body onto Tiger, making him super horny. Shirts come off, and by now Tiger is ready for more, so he flips Raul over and starts passionately making out with him. Soon they’re naked and Raul gets down to business, deep throating Tiger’s big uncut dick. Tiger even gets into some serious face-fucking before he spreads Raul’s ass and starts licking and sucking on his delicious little hole. Then Tiger slides inside him and begins to fuck him hard, even changing positions several times while he enjoys his friend’s tight hole. Tiger shoots his load all over Raul’s face, then licks it up and kisses him while Raul cums.


18 year-old Chris is just so hot! In this scene, he strips off his clothes and proceeds to take a soothing warm shower, all the time stroking his big black cock and running his hands over his body. When the shower is over, he moves to the bedroom where he strokes his cock while enjoying the cool, crisp sheets. Before too long he’s blowing his creamy, hot load on his sexy dark skin.


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