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Welcome to a world where cute Asian twinks love their bareback sex mixed with golden showers. These kinky young guys are not satisfied with sucking dick and fucking raw. They need to be soaked in urine and have the taste of another boy's piss in their mouth to get really turned on. In this collection there's enough pissing to fill a bathtub. In one scene alone, the boys piss on each other eleven times! Of course, the sex is just as hot. These smooth young men go at it hardcore with each other, right to the cum pumping end.

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Em is a cute Asian boy, with a large tattoo on his smooth belly. He plans to do bareback watersports videos in the future, but first wants to try out some solo piss play. After pissing all over himself and getting his underwear soaked, Em works up a big boner and starts stroking his uncut cock. After edging himself a few times, this adorable Asian twink shoots a warm cum load all over his piss soaked tattoo.

Golf and Wan

Golf and Wan are two cute Asian twinks that are into watersports and bareback fucking. The boys suck cock, rim ass and fuck raw, while pausing to piss along the way. Wan pisses four times in a total of five different piss scenes. By the time these two kinky boys are pumping out their cum loads, the bed is totally soaked in urine.

Non and Bas

Non and Bas are two dedicated piss drinking Asian twinks. Of course, they love stripping naked and having sex, but it would not be complete without frequent breaks to pee on each other and wet their tongues with urine. In fact, these two kinky boys enjoy eleven different piss sessions, as they fuck each other bareback.

Tae and Bas

These two kinky Asian boys like their bareback sex wet, and we are not talking about sex in the shower. Tae and Bas are into golden showers, and in this scene they piss on each other seven times, with plenty of cock sucking, ass fucking and dildo play in the mix. Bas pisses all over Tae after he cums, before he licks up Bas’ cum and piss.

Tae and Non

Asian twinks Tae and Non strip naked and suck cock. Then the two need to piss, on each other! Soaked in urine, the boys return to sex and bareback fuck. All of that fucking works up a thirst, so they take a break to pee in each other’s mouth. The golden showers and hardcore fucking continue, until these kinky boys finally pump out their warm cum loads.

Wan and App

Wan and App try out watersports for the first time, and bareback sex will never be the same for them, as it gets wet and wild right from the start. After spilling lots of piss on each other, these Asian twinks focus on some hot anal action. Wan fucks App long and hard, until the two are ready to shoot their loads. Wan pumps his cum onto his piss soaked bottom and then eats his load.

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